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Tilt-rotor Opps

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No comment from that Palindrome person - you know the one who thinks putting out a fire that is eating up a building (and destroying property) ( oh -and potentially risking neighbouring buildings) ( oh oh - and putting firemen at risk running up and down the stairs of a burning building) is a dangerous and thoughless move. (See what I just did Mmike??)


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Poor appreciation of the LZ by the crew (and liaison officers to the event earlier) given the 22's characteristics.


Looks like there was already a 22 in the LZ and #2 steepened up to take the back half of the LZ, but once a 22 comes through TL, it has a vicious downwash. Last few 100 yards below TL, directly over trees and with people underneath was not sound airmanship. Better planning and perhaps APP/DEPs cleared of spectators would have also been appropriate.




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