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There has been a S-64 skycrane crash every year for eight years now . We should talk about that safety record .

The crash this summer with the 214 would be far more serious in any other single engine helicopter considering the circumstances. I believe in the 214 .


Would be interested where you got those stats from ????

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In regard to engine failures..for you 2 engine dude's...keep in mind...that most of , if not all the engine failures in the 214 are from fuel starvation, which in no way should be confused with mechan

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We logged with Sikorsky 61's in Southeast Alaska in the 90's since the 214's kept crashing mostly due to flame outs. The 61's were safer in my opinion since they had twin turbines. I hooked logs them and to my understanding is that if a 61 had a flame out on one of the turbines they could stihl fly on the remaining turbine after punching there load? Luckily I never had to find out. I was working up in Alaska when RMH filed bankruptcy owing me about $8000 in wages in which I never did see a dime of it. Oh well, it was a rush hooking out logs.


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I met up with Les Hamberg in Norman Wells...not sure what year...he was flying a 214 for a Canadian outfit...can't remember who...he was slinging huge fuel tanks into repeater towers...anyone know if he is still around?

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