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Winter Work In Canada?

What is the majority of winter work in northern Alberta?  

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Being fairly new to northern Alberta, I was curious what kind of work a lower-time pilot can expect over the winter? (700 hours PIC)


I know seismic jobs are out there (I know I'm not qualified to do alot of it and alot of the landing spots are ugly)


I'm short hours for alot of the oil patch work as alot of customers require 1500 PIC. Besides, the winter roads will be coming in in the next few weeks and helicopter usage in the patch will decrease.


What else is there? :huh:

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Spending 8 years in Northern Alta I can tell you winter work is very slow. If you didn't make your money during the summer, the winter will be long. Buy a snowmobile and relax and enjoy life!!

About this time of year you can expect some oil/gas field survey work. Long days sitting in the machine waiting for the Surveyor's to complete a day in the field. Maybe some Medevac's, don't count on them! Siesmic work is out there, if there happens to be any in your neighbourhood great! Heli Ski??? Don't think there are any mountains big enough to urge anyone to do this type of work there! You nailed it, once the winter roads are in, your finished, unless the is an urgency in the field!!

Come Springtime, you will do work for the gov't looking at all the winter work done by Industry! Hope then is around the corner, cause it should get busy soon!

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