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Howie Pinchbeck

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Very sad to hear of Howies passing. I worked with Howie for 13 years at Kenting and our paths crossed a few times since then. A very good guy, full of integrity with a great sense of humour. "Howie, herricopter go 'krick'" Sincere condolances to all of his family.


I too knew Howie from our days at Kenting - he was my boss and a **** fine one. I have many memories of him, a rather raucous two weeks on the 412 course being a particular favorite. RIP boss.




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Thank you all for the kind words.

I can be reached at (403) 846-7673 for "Howie Party" Info





Howard John Pinchbeck

1943 - 2010

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear father, Howard John Pinchbeck of Chase, B.C. , at the age of 66. Howie was born and raised in Kamloops, B.C. then moved to Calgary, Alberta where he graduated from the Aircraft Maintenance program at SAIT in 1960. He worked for Foothills Aviation, which became Klondike Helicopers, which then became Kenting Helicopters, where he was the maintenance manager until 1986. His next move was to Richmond B.C. to become the Director of Maintenance for Highland Helicopters until his retirement in 2002. Howie became the Director of Retirement in the Schuswap area where he enjoyed boating, fishing, trail riding and camping with his brother and best friend Rob.

Howie was predeceased by his parents, Cyril and Irene Pinchbeck of Merit, B.C. He will be sorely missed by his daughter Marianne Legge (Scott), his son Jason Pinchbeck (Dixie), and his daughter Melanie Ashmead (Lawrence), his brother Robert Pinchbeck, his friend Darlene Pinchbeck, his nephew Darryn Pinchbeck, his niece Amanda Pinchbeck, his grandchildren, step grandchildren and great grandchildren.

At Howie’s request there will be no formal service. Relatives and friends are invited to join in a celebration of his life to be held in Kamloops on Saturday, June 12, 2010. Location to be determined. For more info please contact leggeworks@shaw.ca .

If friends so desire memorial tributes may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.


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I don't think you could have been in our Industry in Western Canada and not have known Howie. He always had a quick remark for anyone who was too full of themselves and his laugh could be heard at many evening gatherings. If you mentioned Howie at the South Airport YVR everyone knew who you were talking about.

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Howie hired me as the parts truck driver for Highland as a 100hr pilot. I have to say that Jason Pinchbeck was apprenticing at that same time and .....HOLY COW!!! do you look like your dad in that photo!

The first thing Howie had me do was purge a 212 head. How hard can it be? Unless you're a 100hr. pilot that is an annoying shade of green! All went well until I needed to change the cartridge. Of course I did it wrong and Howie walked in just in time to see spring / cap and grease everywhere!

He just shook his head and walked away. It came up years later and he said "You still had a few tubes to go so I thought I'd see if you figured it out on your own."

Thankfully I did since my job probably hung unknowingly in the balance!

Knowing that at the time I didn't have any friends in Vancouver or a pot to p*ss in, Howie would invite me down to see the sprint car races in Skaggit (sp) or just to watch H.S. Tools or Aviall get the crap kicked out of them in softball at YVR (sorry Hans)

Once I went operational in the field after a year, I remember getting all worked up over a lower sending unit in the 206 that had gone south.

Howie's response over the old X.J. radio system was "Roger Roger I copy....you got a watch don't you?".....End of discussion!

Howie had a kind heart and was a good judge of character. I'm grateful that I had a chance to learn the ropes under the guidance of the likes of Howie, Terry, Rick and just as importantly Sally Ross.

Rest in peace my friend,



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Quite a slam in the guts when I heard the news. As everyone who has posted previously, he was one **** of guy! The best boss ever, a good friend, and pretty fair drinkin' buddy. He was honest, a straight shooter, full of integrity and always quick with a laugh. Amongst thousands of memories, I willl share one.

I was supposed to be a "base engineer", but for about 7 years, I never spent a summer at home, being tasked with crewing on the mediums at the usual "Ft. St Somewhere" hot spots.

Years later as we were working on a beer and clam on his deck, I asked him why he always sent me out in the summer. His answer was typical Howie as he licked some clam off his lips, "Well Dave, 'cause you'd always go." That was it, no fuss, no muss, no dressing it up.

God, I had to laugh at that.

My sincere condolences to the family.


Dave Anderson

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Condolences for your loss


- Howie was about as direct as anyone could be - which was refreshing in an industry where far to many are worried about being politically correct.


I was one of Jasons' instructors back in my BCIT days and like any of my students who showed some promise I worked him pretty hard.


One day Howie showed up at the hangar and we had a long talk about his sons' progress - guess he wanted to see who was making Jason work!!! Long and the short of the discussion was that he was checking to make sure I wasn't giving Jason a hard time because of who he was related to. Once he was sure I was treating him the same as everyone else he relaxed a bit and said keep the pressure on - actually he said if I had to whack him up the side of the head to teach him it was OK with him!!!

We had a good laugh about it all and Jason did alright by me!! :)


Howie was a great supporter of the schools and his input and donations were always good - He will be missed on many levels.


Sincerest Regards,


Mx Trainer

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A few weeks ago we spread the majority of Dads ashes at Tunkwa lake BC.

Then Dixie and I went to Vancouver Island and my good friend Corey took us out in his sailboat south of Sidney to the Canada/US boarder where we gave some of him back to the Ocean he loved so much, then an unexpected surprise, Corey managed to get us an opportunity to spread some ashes out of a helicopter!

Dads last flight was over the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.



I am forever in your debt.....



Rest In Peace Dad....... By land, by sea, and by air!!!

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