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Aviation writers and books

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Who is  your favorite author?  what books ?

I  personally like Ernest K Gann.


Who do you like least? and why?

Recently read a book by John J Nance.  "Turbulance" his books are usually fairly good  but this one  was just a bit too  silly not to mention far fetched...   wouldn''t reccomend  it. 

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Ever heard of Garth Wallace?

If youre looking for some hilarious reads, check out his stuff. Hes got a few ('Derry Air', 'Papa X-Ray', 'Pie in the Sky', 'Fly Yellow Side Up', 'Flying Circus'...to name a few) that ive read that are pretty funny.


There is also a cool read on a guy who took his Cessna Cardinal from California to South Africa...its called 'The Cockpit' and its written by him (Paul Gahlinger) about his experiences.....pretty cool stuff.




check out www.happylandings.com for the goods

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I agree, Garth Wallace, Pie in the Sky was the first of His I read, had me howling. All the rest are awesome too, like to hear him speak, but missed him last Winter/Fall when he was near Barrie as some fly club dinner. If anyone knows where/if he is speaking again, please post.


The other other I liked was Jim Lang''s : Papa Xray


It tells his story of living in the NWT and flying a C172 as a day to day vehicle kinda thing. As a new pilot, I could relate to alot of the stuff he was going through. You could alos get a sense of his feelings at the time of the events too.

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If you all want a great read, check out Jim Spillsbury''s "Accidental Airline".. He was the fellow that started Queen Charlotte Airlines by accident because of his radio company and it grew till he operated PBY''s and Stranaers... He eventually sold out to Russ Baker who had PWA which of course went on to become Canadian Airlines.... A very good read..


Another good read is Justin DeGoutier(sp?) who wrote "The Pathless Way". It is about his flying career which was mainly on the west coast and has some facinating tales which will make you appreciate the difficulties some pilots have dealt with out here..

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