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Less Rpm=more Lift

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I pulled out a Bell Information Letter dated 12 September 1977 regarding inflight RPM Management for the Bell 214. The part regarding beeping the engine up or down when in the approach mode starts with DO NOT. I wouldn't be surprised if there are similar letters for all other Bells. Bell has been aware of pilots playing with the beep too frequently and at the wrong times for quite some time now.


I also remember getting similar advice as Mike did from Al Ascah - complete with the amputation warning. If your governor is set right and in good shape you don't need to adjust the RPM. If you need to set it constantly then you probably need a new governor!!



Low timers (and high timers if you have forgotten) remember just because you can beep the RPM down doesn't mean that you can beep it back up when required- about 5 years ago a certain "beeping" kind of pilot ended up in a logging slash with a fully loaded Jet Ranger swirling around in the small trees at 95% or so N2 with a broken wire to the actuator. Lucky he wasn't trying to land in the mountains.

I have had 2 failures of linear actuators (or wiring to them) in my career- fortunately Bruce Payne- VIH chief pilot at the time always told us not to #### with it or he would have our thumbs removed. Good advise- thanks Bruce.


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