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Cooking An Engine - Whats The Punishment

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Here is what I said.....

"why does he keep listing jwsralphs personal and private legal issues on this forum???"


Here's what you 'quoted'.......

"Keeps listing private legal matters of a person by there full legal name without consent",


Yes, you are correct in saying "I could be wrong".

Please don't "paraphrase" other peoples comments.


P.S. The question remains, even if you are or aren't jwsralph....why do you keep listing jwsralphs personal and private legal issues on this forum ??

This isn't the place for such issues.

I won't requote the unnecessary comments here, but before you deny saying such things...see Sept 21st 5.57pm and Sept 20th 6.15pm.


Over-talk, TACHBOX, and Blackmac in a hug............I don't think so, unless #### joins in.

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OT, just cause you defend a guy who's getting slashed by big people, does not substantiate that you are he.


I know that this is a difficult concept for you to understand so i suggest that reread the above sentence until such time as it sinks in.


When's the group hug? Ah how sweet! Warms my heart.


This is not the subject of this thread anyway. I did feel complelled to respond to Vibo's double standards and apparently OT has the same methodology


Slandering some people is fine but others no? I don't get it. There may be some value in what Ralphy posted about the education and all?


I may be wrong, but it's adding up!


Now OT pay carefull attention! there is nothing legal in this post, or did I miss something?


I wonder are any of you guys from Alberta? say around the Reddear area?

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TACHBOX, I see you have now removed your post from 3.49 this afternoon.

Who did you learn that from ??? jwsralph, maybe ??


I welcome your thoughts and opinions here....that is what a forum is all about.

I won't always agree with them, but I welcome them all the same.

With that in mind, please leave your posts in place after you've made them.

Think about what you say before you say it, and be prepared to stand by it, or apologise if necessary.....but don't keep attacking and then erasing.


Also, as you are obviously very new here please go to the General Rules section (linked above) and become familiar with it.


Thank you, OT

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Tachbox ------ you keep coming back to the amount of education "thing". Education got absolutely nothing to do with whether someone slanders or not. The only difference between a PhD slandering and some uneducated person is this.......the person without the education may call you a "bast*rd", whereas the PhD will probably ask you if your father and mother were married. :D

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Cap, I understand your point and agree! But are you suggesting that the way persons of different levels of formal education address professional relationships are the same?


I think not, a perfect example would be the way OT and VIBO respond to argument- they totally avoid the point and skirt off in a different direction. The last point I made was that " If its fair its fair for everybody" call it universal mudslinging?. OT and VIBO are quick to defend their buddy Heliidiot for introducing Ralphies shortcomings on a "supposed" professional forum, but call my remarks concerning the Alberta bumblast as slander. It's selective reasoning! and does not demonstrate what anybody even marginal educated capacity could consider a balanced argument. It holds no water!


If you are going to make an objective statement, then leave the subjective selective reasoning out of it. It goes without saying. Arguments that are based on personal preference that cannot stand the test of balance and universal application are functus.


So as it stands now on this forum The OT , VIBO edict stands, universal mudslinging with selective reasoning. If you want to call it professional ,go ahead.


I really don't care about ralphy's matter in particular, and you will be quick to see that I will defend "anybody" who gets slammed under the accepted rules of selective reasoning.


I have met all kinds in this indusrty, professionals, those who think they are professional and those who aspire to be professionals and some who have no clue what a professional is. It's not just about hitting the starter and watching the temps and gauges, a monkey can be trained to do this. The professionalism extends beyond and into the way you treat other members of the industry so that treatment is fair and impartial.


At least I know now that I can sling mud all I want here with impunity. Big word for OT, VIBO


I'd like to write more, but I have already wasted a few days on this forum, and am growing tired of the matter.


I was a professional in my past life, before getting a trade and a better paying job.


My thanks for your input and remember stay the **** out of Alberta- there be turd buglers in them there parts- (last generalization i prommise)





No time for spell check

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I feel that the comments made by Helidude about the reasons that the pilot in question was fired (a high speed Police chase, on camera, in the company truck) have a direct relationship with this professional forum, especially when they were made on a thread about "deteriorating standards in our industry".

Helidude had a very direct first-hand involvement with this event.

Your defence of that pilot's actions by saying "There are several reasons that persons wig out......" is not a comforting comment to make about a Commercial Pilot in charge of an aircraft.


As mentioned earlier, your discussion of another persons i.e. jwsralphs personal and legal affairs are not necessary here.

This is not a case of myself or H.Vibe trying to" totally avoid the point and skirt off in a different direction".

If you are not jwsralph....do not raise his personal affairs.

The same goes for any rumours about incidents in Red Deer. You were not there.......("I was told the story in the Pas"), so leave it alone.


I am surprised that you "can sling mud all I want here with impunity".

Usually the Administrator or Moderator would have asked you to clean-up your manners by now, especially since several regular posters have requested a review of your material.


Your aquaintance from Gulf Islands Helicopters probably destroyed his career by posting that ad for university graduates. Whoever didn't know him before certainly does by now (4000 views in 6 days on the 'deteriorating' thread).

Frankly, I don't see that your posts and obvious fixations have helped your reputation or credibility either.


Just in case people may have missed some of your less than charming thoughts, here are some highlights....

"Probably a cowboy yeeha from Alberta....Helixxxx is a cornhole.....cornhole invasion....you are a super *** kisser....don't bend over the tool bench....corn hole compensation....bummblast fiasco....kid who got it up the hoop....beware of all turd burglers in Alberta....there be turd buglers in them there parts- (last generalization i prommise)....Bye"


Your departure will be greatly welcomed by the regulars here.

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I think not, a perfect example would be the way OT and VIBO respond to argument- they totally avoid the point and skirt off in a different direction.

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. I have never lost the point of what I was trying to say.


You, through innuendo and less than subtle implication constantly refer to an incident of which I know nothing. Nor do I have any desire to know any more than I do now. Your unsubstantiated rumour mongering is the closest thing I have ever seen to libel on this site.


I could pick apart every post you have ever made on this forum but that would be a waste of time (to say the least). I think that when you were in school and they mentioned a course about "debate", you thought it had something to do with fishing so you didn't attend.


Anyway, Blackmac's group hug might be just the thing.



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Tachbox------again sir, a person's education has little to do with how they address people. As mentioned in my last post, they sometimes become "smoothe" and that's because the profs at university won't accept what might be called "street language" on submitted papers. If one does so, they will be admonished that it won't be accepted and they have enough education now and also enough of a command of the English language to not have to use "base language". Ergo, you don't say "bast*rd", you ask if the parents were married.


Having stated this much, don't be fool enough to EVER try to judge how much education a person has by their spelling or syntax. Some of the worse spellers in the world are extremely educated and their syntax cries out for a "spell-check" or Thesaurus......so "don't go there" trying to judge education by someone's langusge English skills. You've made a common mistake of connecting education with a host of other things that have no connection at all. Therefore, I wouldn't presume to judge anyone's education by their "jottings" on this site or how smooth they "grease" their aircraft onto the terre firma. Common sense ain't taught at any school of learning and you got it or you don't period. How you get along with people has to do with some learning experiences yes, but more to do with where you were raised, who raised you and a dash of genes. If Dad or Mom were an "####" then one may have an uphill battle throughout life, in otherwards. If one is trying to change all that by gaining higher education, well all I can say to that is "hope springs eternal"


I don't mean to aggrevate the situation at all, but can tell you on a personal note, that the best pilot I have had the pleasure of knowing had only a Grade 8 education. I also remind you that when they needed pilots desparately at the bginning of WW2 they had to "stoop down" and actually make less-then-properly-educated" Sgts into pilots. Once the pilot shortage receded they converted said Sgts into Pilot Officers in the RCAF and RAF. I've yet found a correlation between the best/worse Ops Managers and owners that I've worked for and their education, speaking and/or writing skills. Basically, a nice guy is a nice guy and a good pilot is a good pilot and you can "educate the **** outta them" and you won't change any of that one little iota. Unfortunately, since some of them do not have said "advanced education" it has been determined that they do not have the abilities to fly certain aircraft, occupy certain administrative seats nor even apply for certain jobs. I opine that the undustry is much the poorer for said decisions and as a result we've marginalized some real great people that have those abilities "in spades", but didn't learn them in any school.......and I've worked for some and learned from many of this ilk.

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