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Cooking An Engine - Whats The Punishment

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Geez, have I ever been screwed up then. The thought of magnetic or true north never ever entered my mind when I had cause to use same instrument. Is this a new rule or did this rule arrive with the new century. I trust that you were jesting Twinstar_ca? :D:D:D

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Senor H. Vibe,

I was shocked to see the photo you had posted above.

This was not some form of 'hug', but merely a primate showing his friend the correct method for eating a banana.


Furthermore, I was horrified to see this was, in fact, some of my family members.

As was discussed by someone here earlier, you should not be raising personal and primate, oops I meant private, matters of someone other than yourself..........(unless this is actually you in the photograph and by some stroke of misfortune we are related).


I am surprised you find such a photo amusing !!

Just because some of you walk around upright without dragging your knuckles, and go to "university", does not mean you are better or smarter than us.

This is the exact point my esteemed uncle Cap has been trying to make for some time now.


I have discussed this matter with my learned legal counsel, (photo on a previous post) as that seems to have become the norm around here lately.

Luckily for you, he has recommended no action be started at this time other than for me to swing in my tire, and throw some feces in your general direction.


Let that be a lesson to those of you that think you are smarter than others.

Here's a big stinky handful coming at ya !!

Up yours sincerely, Cyclic Monkey

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Hi troops:


I am sitting here in Holland in the hotel room bored to death.


Then I got to reading this thread.



Two comments.

(1) I also have very little formal schooling but seem to get by quite nicely.


(2) If you guys let Tachbox in your group hug be careful, he has an anal fixation, so don't let him get in behind you.


Rev. C.W.

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Twinstar ------- praise God.......I thought for a moment that there also might be "new regualtions' concerning this also and that I'd have to endure some further "re-current training". This is good because I'm not so sure how well I could push a rope uphill these days, let alone what direction it was pointed while doing so. :D


The "esteemed" part is probably debatable, although the "uncle" part could well be true because I detect a faint, similar rememblance. :D

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