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E&b Helicopters


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Eddie don't like shorts eh?

You're right he's got denim in this Video..




Thanks for the reply.

I love Campbell River, can't wait to return. Want to stay there- The possibility of a hire is a nice plus too. Operational training even better



Unfortunately you have slagged two schools that will no doubt hijack this thread

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The other schools can hyjack what they like.


I think E&B is one of the better schools, at least they hire thier students ( of course the no guarantee applies). They don't normally hire higher time pilots cause you have top fly the E&b way. Ed also likes beer.


Ed also has a quite a few turbine machines.


The best school as far as I am concerned is the school with the best instructor, that would be the legendary Peter Curry from National near buttonville.


Cheers and best of luck



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"I would avoid BC helicopters and chinook like the plague, at least at E&B you get a good operational training"




i don't know where you get your info from and i'll let chinook speak for themselves but at BC Heli the "lowtime" instructor is me and i have 6000 hours and 16 years of "operational flying" under my belt.


the next instructor has 10000 hours and it goes to 14000hrs after that!


if we can't give good "operational" training, i don't know who can...........


duf, ain't trying to steal you away from E&B. if you love Campbell River then move there and train there. do what's best for YOU!




aka rob dyck

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oh yeah no worries Rob! I knew it was you all along anyway... read every thread front to back on here!

BC was a close second... I even went as far as to have Bonnie e-mail me the forms (sorry Bonny). but I have some perks in CR that I can't get in Abbotsford. (free accom, etc. etc)

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Well 412


The instruction is good at BC heli, I should not have grouped you guys into the same "oops I forgot the TR oil" gang. That was trajic! Hey, ask the big guy if hes hit any antenna type protruding objects recently.?


BC heli has not got the same capicty as E&B and they do not hire X students in nearly the same numbers. I'ts strictly training at BC heli (No?)


I don't know about training some person up to speed for a PPC then sending them on thier way with a whole lot 300 time.


I would be interested to see the numbers on how many students from Bc helli actually land jobs in the first year out of school.


Given the facts - E&B is a far better choice. ( even though there are no guarentees)


You guys do Cat 4's at BC heli? how many you done recently?




PS :lol:

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Alright, thanks Peeshooter (and your alias' 6 and counting) for hijacking another normal thread.

You were doing so good too!

I hope no one finds out who you are, it could end your career!

Oh wait...

412driver- 6000 hrs/16 years

Peeshooter 3200 hrs/15 years


Really though, it wouldn't be too hard to find out who the 6'4" pilot who was employed in Longlac is...

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