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E& B Helicopters


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I am considering this school among three others.

Any input you could give me would be greatly appreciated..

my e-mail is










This is the second time I have posted this today... If there is a reason YOU are erasing it.. pls let me know so I don't have to repeatedly RE-POST

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Duf, I've heard excellent things about BC Helicopters (Schweizer 300) and Chinook (Bell 47), both in regards to instruction and the area they train in :up: . Heard nothing about E&B (R22) :mellow: , and unfortunately heard bad things about Millenia (Schweizer 300) :down: .


If you have the ability to attend the schools go check them out and sit in the machines. You'll be spending a lot of time in there. Remember that you are the customer and you'll be spending a lot of money, you want the best value for the dollar. Make sure you look at the whole training facility, including ground school room, because you should be spending even more time in there. It makes studying a lot better when you want to be there, not just have to be there. :bye:

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I would say Chinook & BC Helicopters are worth pursuing, also take a look at Coast Heli College in Victoria - see the other thread on this forum - "Training Update" - giving a blow by blow of the first hours of training there, also Valley Heli in Merrit.


Coast has ties to VIH and there is a chance of referral after training, but I would suggest that BC Heli, Valley and Chinook should have good contacts also with the industry and commercial operators - I would ask them what their policy is for recommending students etc.


If you train in a 47(excellent trainer), you would probably want to get a 22 endorsement (3-4 hrs) at some point as most entry level positions (in the NE etc) are on 22's or 44's and if you are going to do a check flight with a company that flies 22's or 44's, it would be less stress and more helpful if you have already flown one of those types.


It would be nice to start flying a Turbine - ie:206, right away, but reality is it will likely take 2-3 times as long to build up hrs flying the 206 as the customers a low time pilot can fly are limited, whereas a company with pistons generally have lots of customers that will take low time pilots.


Good luck

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Did my recurrent at EB last year while bringing a 44 across the border. Ground school instructor was first rate as was their training pilot. They have a first rate atmosphere, all relatively young pilots with an old school owner. Found it really enjoyable there. Got along with everybody. If I had to do it again I would at least think about it, although I was very happy with my own choice 5 years ago.

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