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What are you, some kind of hippy? Regular popsicles aren't good enough for you? Go on....get out of here, Mr. Oh I'm Mr. Fancy Designer Popsicle! Look at me! I'm so great!


Snort.....I bet your socks even match........


LOL....Effin right. Eat one of the melon ones and get back to me. All this holier-than-thou-popsicle-guy thing is based on my last three months of inhaling these things like they were going out of style. Solid science to be sure. Half our maintenance staff eats them now.


If I was starving in a desert or maybe in some Turkish prison and the Dickee-Dee ice cream dude rode by I might slum it and eat one of your regular popsicles but until then I remain firmly atop my high horse snacking on delicious icy treats that blow the doors off your traditional "popsicles".


Yeah who's laughing now? Huh? ME! That's right. ME! Hahahahahahahahahaaaa....cough....cough. ;)

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It has hasnt been a good year for the most part! BC and mining are slow,Fires are also slow but there could be a flare up in BC as its normally a late start. July-Aug-Sept. Well see. There where a few fires in QC and Manitoba but it is no record year for work. We are still climbing out of ressesion and access to credit for the junior mining companies is still hard.


Hang in there fellas, it can only get better.



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40 people lost their jobs in July (allegedly) and you guys are debating popsicles.....Am I missing something?


Why is a little humor a problem? Nobody died and it's hard all over for a lot of rotary wing people.


I guess it'd be better if we all beat the dead horse and insulted the companies a little more eh? ;)


OR you could go get a delicious Melona icy treat or substandard traditional popsicle and try your best to enjoy the day a bit.....your call.



PS - I grew up in Edmonton and we had these gigantic popsicles called Eski Pops. You could suck all the flavour and color right out of it and still be left with a piece of ice as big as when you just unwrapped it....wonder if they still flog those things. Only one step above the old toothpick in the frozen juice/ice cube tray thing.


Mom always said those ice cube tray "popsicles" were as good as the Dickee Dee stuff.....she lied. I haven't trusted Mom since.



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