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People seem to have forgotton about Avon Skin so soft, used to work pretty well with no deet, don't know if they still sell it. off skintastic has little or no deet also. Lemongrass works well as a natural reppellent. Myself, I'm a muskol man, works great(23.8% deet though).


One thing you can do, but is not recommended, is get mosquito coil holders and wear them like a necklace.


For after the bites, I find drinking copious amouts of rum takes the edge off ;)



Was working in Labrador and a few line-cutters from Home (NL) had the mosquito coils Duct Taped to the bibs of their ball caps..... Worked pretty good..... I bet THEY felt pretty good too after a couple of hours! ;)

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I just dl'd an App for my iPhone that is an electronic Mossy repeller. Don't know if it works but it likely drive all the dogs crazy as it runs between 17.4 khz and 20 khz. Probably kill the phone after a short time then you can use it to swat the next 1,000 bugs :P

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Avon Skin so Soft is the non-toxic solution you're looking for.

Although we can't seem to find an Avon distributor that's willing to return our calls.


When I wear Deet, I don't spray it on my skin, I spray it on my bug jacket and put that on.

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I worked with a whole bunch of loggers that would put a Bounce fabric-softener sheet in the top button-hole of their shirt.


Some native guys on the West Coast cut a little cedar bough and attach it to their hard-hat.


Personally, I tried to always keep the rotors turning.......or when that's not possible, wear light coloured clothing, a bug jacket with a face-covering hood, and thin gloves. I would spray a low-percentage Deet spray (OFF) on my socks above my boot-tops, and the back of the gloves.


I heard plenty of stories about eating lots of bananas....but never saw any proof it worked.


For survival purposes only, I always had a little bottle of full-strength Muskol in my flight-suit pocket. It is thick like deisel, bugs hate it, and it makes a great fire-starter.

I also carried a Leatherman and a Bic lighter.

If you have to crawl out of a burning/wrecked helicopter, you had better have the basics for survival on you.

At a time like this, you won't be fussy about the possible side-effects of Deet !!

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Peeling and orange if you are sitting and waiting deters some bugs and usually you end up with orange juice on your hands which they don't like either. But in my experience peeling a banana tends to attract them. In my tree planting days I found using little or no shampoo at the end of the day also makes you less of a target but for some not living in camp that may not be a viable option.


Otherwise, stay in wind, and keep moving. Nowadays I'm pilot/operating and call me crazy but I think my grubby coveralls splashed with lube oil, bitumen and chemical tends to keep them away. Mind you deet might be healthier than that method. :P

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there is a correlation between high potassium levels in your blood and the attraction of Mozzy's. Eating bananas will thus increase the likely hood of getting bitten, as they are loaded with potassium.


only the female mozzy's bite you. ****** eh?

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