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So the cops are Hero's. Just every day "untrained" people doing extraordinary things. Just trying to help. Yep, just getting the job done, cowboy style. Yep. They should know better. :shock: THe cops should be leading by example.



These people are hero's too. Just doing what it take to get the job done. Only trying to help.




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Slow summer that's for sure. % pages about this. Well i may as well ad my 2 cents worth.


1. I would rather have my head 1 foot out the door then be carried out on a long line like some places do.


2. I would rather be shoved in feet first then have my head jammed into the bottom of the seat's.


3. The chances are they only flew her a short distance as they reported she was flown by air ambulance to the hospital. That would lead me to think they only flew her out of the bush to an ambulance then decided put her in an air ambulance.


Just can't see what the big issue is here. I would certainly do the same thing. Its not like they showed these guys doing 120 kts with her like that.

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The level of misunderstanding or lack of comprehension of our industry on display here is staggering.


I can only assume most of you posting have never a) been involved in this kind of work, or B ) been involved in the process that goes on behind this scenes to ensure this is done properly, safely, and that all the bases are covered, or c) had anything to do with legal side of things when operations go wrong.


Anyway, carry on...




I totally agree with you.

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For those of you condoning this scene, You obviously have NOT been through the Court System in an Aviation accident.


I have not been there in the Hot Seat, BUT I was involved Legally with a few fatal accidents...As a Rescuer, and once as a so called "expert (?? :P ) witness.


Folks, It ain't pretty. Prosecuting Lawyers are good ! They KNOW the proper questions, they KNOW the proper methods of Operations, they KNOW CARS, and they KNOW how to get you!


If you are involved in this type of scenario, and it "Goes South", You're totally F%$%#K'd !


AR :up:

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Regulations, schmegulations.


And there is the issue.


Just because "I" can..., just because "I" know..., and just because "I" am..., gives us the ability to choose which rule(s) to bend or break. :down: NOT!


The problem is, that we are all human, and want to help, but always remember: "Your emergency, is not my emergency."


Just because you decided to play in the deep end of the pool, does not require me to give up my career. Sorry.


It would really suck, that just because you we're doing the "right thing" at the time, some high priced lawyer took your livelihood away. And I'm betting they would in a heart beat, because they really don't care about you at all...


Play by the rules and have a nice long career in this industry. (43 years and counting...)



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So the cops are Hero's. Just every day "untrained" people doing extraordinary things. Just trying to help. Yep, just getting the job done, cowboy style. Yep. They should know better. :shock: THe cops should be leading by example.



These people are hero's too. Just doing what it take to get the job done. Only trying to help.


I couldn't have said that better myself. I would've sued everyone in that truck...and won!!

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Things go bad when you rush in. That is why we have professionals.

Good job to those on scene first. She had a "good pulse, was breathing" she could hear and squeeze his fingers.


Pick up a paramedic from the waiting ambulance and let them decide on urgency of transport.

The first thing you watch for in a head injury is nausea and vomiting. Do not cram someone face up on the floor and get in the front seat were you can do bugger all if they puke other than watch them drown in own vomit.

If the non medically trained air crew were wrongly told she might die with out extraction then put patient on the back seat, belted in on the "clamshell" stretcher and put a SAR tech who at least has basic first aid, kneeing on the back floor to monitor the patient.

Let to observer walk out like everybody else or pick him up after. That EC120b does not have enough power to pick up all the folks safely.

Maybe they did what they though they had to but is sure could have been done safer in the same time frame.

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This shows why the Police should stick to chasing bad guys (and using their helicopters to do so),

and leave the Search and Rescue duties to the people that specialize in that role.


As discussed above, the life-threatening status of this emergency had passed.

There was no need to use such a small helicopter, and to load that patient in such a way.


Some Police and Fire departments in the US perform Search and Rescue, but they do it with appropriately sized and equipped helicopters, and with trained techs and paramedics on board.

Some of us in the civilian world laugh at such a thought, but I had the chance to see Los Angeles County use their Sikorsky 61 for a rescue, and was very impressed by their fast response time, smoothness and professionalism.


However in this case, I suspect there will be a full judicial inquiry into this river rescue chaired by a tribunal of retired Judges and starring some fat-cat lawyers all charging huge daily rates and full expenses at the Hilton.

It will go on for months, go into recess occasionally, cost millions, release an interim report to the PM (which will be leaked to the media), and will eventually be abandoned by Parliament before the inquiry produces a final report that improves anything at all.

(Your tax dollars at work!, plus HST, of course)


p.s. this is also a reminder that someone, somewhere has a video camera recording everything you do.

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Relax people, I'm not out flaunting the regs and I have a hundred percent respect for them too. As for everyone yelling that they should have called in a "SAR" team, I think the nearest military SAR team was too far away at the time. You're talking about getting some private SAR group in, that's great too and they can be well trained but they're still part-timers and can botch missions also and are not above the law either, actually it's the opposite, they would be scrutinized more than anyone else. If you are being negligent and screw up, you can be dragged through the court system. If there is no intent to be negligent then you're fine. We've become a little insecure and worried about our own derrieres too much. I've been involved in EMS and SAR operations before and safety was #1, the first rule of lifesaving is to not become a victim yourself. I'm sure the RCMP pilot and TFO made a decision based upon the risk/reward matrix, obviously the mission was successful.


This is what helicopters were designed to do. If we aren't going to use them for that then why don't you go loiter around in a cessna.


If you don't have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself.

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Heliian, I'm guessing you have zero experience in the area that this rescue took place. The local pilots and sar groups have much more sar experience than the military in that region.


If the video had shown paramedics doing cpr and it was a true life/death situation I would agree that we would all tip our hats to the crew and move along. Wasn't the case though. I don't agree that we should lynch anyone either, a review of ops and training with ALL crew involved should suffice...perhaps it will be used as a training video in the future.

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