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When Is It Ok To Be A Cowboy?

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Speaking of "anti-authority," here's an FAA Advisory Circular that some of you might find interesting:




It includes the hazardous attitudes self-assessment test I was referring to. It's a cumbersome test to score, but it's interesting, because it doesn't let you off the hook: it presents you with scenarios in which you've made a bad decision, and you don't have the option of saying "I would never do that." (In other words, if the test hadn't identified me as anti-authority, it would have identified me as macho, impulsive, invulnerable, or resigned.) Good food for thought!

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Guest plumber
So it's OK to take the chance? You (and others) might still end up carried by the 6.


I'm glad it had a happy ending as well. I just sometimes worry about the thought processes that go before a decision that lead to an unhappy ending.


If I had clarity in everthing I did in life I wouldn't be on this sight.


My point is we all want to help, we sometimes have clouded judgement. In the spur of the moment I would have done the same, the girl is safe and her dad is still her Dad.


The only thing that went wrong was the media was there.


All the best guys and girls. Fly safe

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1. "Where am I gonna go WHEN (not if) the stove quits?" This tends to curtail any Cowboy impulses I get.


2. I'd give my life for MY wife or daughter, but NOT for yours. Sorry.


3. Seatbelts are mandatory. This includes stretchers.


4. Aircraft limits are not "optional".


5. "Your Honour, we did everything reasonably possible to protect the patient during this evacuation. Also, it was the opinion of the 1st responders on the scene at the time that if the patient was not evacuated IMMEDIATELY he most certainly would have passed away. If I am guilty of anything beyond exercising due care and attention while trying to save the patient's life I must accept the consequences of my actions."


6. It's a bit shocking how much we confuse good luck with good planning. It's a self-reinforcing illusion, until the inevitable occurs. I had the 'good luck' to dodge the Reaper while learning this (years ago, before aviation), but it was a close thing.


Take good care,


Dick Mitten

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This anti-authority thing - on my CRM courses, I teach that one should be a little anti-authority, as it protects you from pushy passengers and management. This is part of having a good opinion of yourself, and what my missis calls being big-headed :)


If you don't have a good opinion of yourself, this is picked up by said people above and exploited. Being a Captain comes from inside - you can wear as much uniform and gold braid as you wish, but until you think you're a Captain, nobody else will.


If you manage to find that assessment thing, bear in mind that you will be a different mix of "undesirable attitudes" at different parts of the day. It depends on how many nobs you have to deal with. :)



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1. logging, your a hero when your pulling wood in 0/0 viz or at least thats what i heard in the bar

2. logging , your a hero when sling shoting wood off the hill, or at least thats what i heard in the bar

3. Drills, when you move that engine, when nobody else could, or at least that what i heard in the bar

4. Drills, its ok to run with low fuel light on, or at least that what heard in the bar.

4. Seismic, when you take that extra bag, even when your dragging them out of staging, or at least thats what i heard in the bar.

5. Seismic, Drills, logging. naaa thats pads big enough, cause i'm a super star, or at least that what i heard in the bar.

6. Fires, when you kick the bucket way out in front, dunk it, and fly right through with out ever coming to a hover, or at lest thats what heard in the bar.

Have we been in the bar together?????.... :lol:

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