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Acceptable Low-time Pilot Pay Rates

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It says that if you fly agricultural spraying off the coast of Australia at night in a single pilot helicopter and you have over 3000 hours of cattle-mustering experience in a Bell47, and over 9 years with the same employer with less than 9 sick days claimed on Melbourne Cup Day, you may attempt to claim a discount on your night-vision goggles.


However this discount appears to be too insufficient for you to hire a nanny to put your daughter to bed, or for you to hire a handyman to tackle that honey-do list.

Basically it is the same bucket of crap that you are in now, but the Aussies at least wrote it down.


I wonder if someone could do that for us?? Where is HEPAC when we need them ??


Absolutely Friggin Priceless :lol:

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Good pick up! A bit of thread creep here, but if you think the award is confusing & want a good laugh then have a look at these instructions for the use of the Australian Regulations!!-


"Just to make your day, here is an extract from the CASA guide "How to use the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998" — demonstrating what you may have to wade through.


' ... note that 'the Regulations' contains many 'regulations' within it. In other words, Regulations means the whole statutory document; a regulation is a particular kind of part of it. The Regulations are divided into Parts, each Part dealing with a particular topic. A Part may be divided into Subparts, and a Subpart into Divisions. Divisions are divided into regulations, but a Part or Subpart can also be divided directly into regulations (that is, a Part need not have Subparts, and a Subpart need not have Divisions). An individual regulation may be divided into subregulations, a subregulation into paragraphs and a paragraph into subparagraphs. A regulation that is not divided into subregulations can be directly divided into paragraphs"




The regs & award would be a handy to have in the helicopter in the event you were stuck in the bush & needed to wipe.....something.


Back to the subject-



I have an opinion on the award which I won't elaborate on here, as the thread is not about Australia. I also don't have a particular point to make, just thought some might be interested as aviation is a worldwide industry. To save you some time-


Table of Contents - part 4 section 18 - Minimum wages

Section 18.4 Helicopter Operations - Schedule E

Schedule E - Minimum salaries


"E.5.1 Minimum salaries

The following minimum salaries must be paid to pilots employed on on-shore

helicopter operations:

Minimum salary per annum

$Single engine

1st year of service 41,332"


No offence taken. I hope your daughter slept well & the bills weren't too big!



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Over Talk...You made my day. That is now my official wallpaper ! Heli-duck...thanks for the cole's notes. And given that they mandate 41 k for a 100 hour wonder I bet you have your opinions.


Note: The bills are always too big or I wouldn't have to work

My daughter is 22 months old and like her old man thinks too much...I'm tired! LOL

As for the honey-do list..well, as those of you still hitched know very well...I'm screwed!



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