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What Happened

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It's your choice, but you may wish to write your post in Microsoft Word and have it spell-checked, and then cut-and-paste it to here.

It would avoid such errors as.....

Expalin, Guarentees, Finshes, Thier, Deams, Yerning, Airborn, and writting

...in you recent post.

Your poor spelling abilities do not bother me. I'm sure it does not affect your professional abilities as an engineer.


What does concern me is your very negative attitude to Ryan and Duf. They have been at this site long enough to realise that getting a job in this industry is not easy.

ALL helicopter pilots have one thing in common.......we all had 100 hours and wet ink on our licences at one stage of our careers,..........just like apprentices coming out of trade school.

But we perservered, got lucky, call it what you will, but someone has to do the job, so it may as well be Ryan or Duf.

Frankly, their attitudes and manners would be alot more welcome around the hangar I work at than yours would be.




P.S. I notice a striking resemblence between your spelling, attitude, and job and that of TACHBOX, (who delighted several of us by announcing he was leaving us).

Is this just a coincidence or what ??

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What happened ???????

First there was Deep Throat,

Now there's Deep Throat II.


How come????

Even you-know-who changes his name more than that when he re-registers.

Couldn't you at least change your Avatar of Selma Simpson to that of Patty so that we wouldn't have realised you were actually the same person ?????????

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Sorry OT yes Deep Throat and DTII are actually me I was hoping to confuse some but this has not worked (ARRRRGHH) actually this was done out of necessity as I wasn't able to log-on as The original DT, DTII will try and uphold the standards brought by the original, as for now DT shall rest with the other fallen commrades, TACHBOX, P-IC, Leadi...... whoa (Typing Error) sorry.



Nice post by the way Duf, I did not mean to drag you into this thing with Leadedge, just didn't want you gettig discouraged is all.


Deep Throat II

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I can't wait to get in the pilots seat!

Within the next few weeks, my deposit and registration will be on (unnamed training school, BC)'s desk!!!!!!

So long climbing poles and stepping in dog ####!

Ciao to pitbulls chasing my *** with a toolbelt on

F%%% you to the rotting houses i work in!!!!

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Mr. Overtalk, Mr. Throat II and his side kick Throat I,


You should know that I do not have a negative attitude, but infact have a "realistic attitude", unlike yourselves I have difficulty with dreamland and the world of delusion.


I have suggested that Mr Ryan and Duf ask for letter requesting that the money spent would not be in vain. As noted here you have avoided this subject concerning the infamous "no guarentees methodology" and have instead as expected entered into a finger pointing campagne.


I am now considering opening a flight school as clearly the exitement of flight far outbalances the grounds of common sense and fiscal responsibility. The name of the flight school will be the "NO GUARANTEES FLIGHT SCHOOL" Clearly even in wake of the facts business will boom.


Thanks for the insight!


Oh and duf being only 24 gives you the opportunity to wait for that job- good luck! Any chance for free cable before you take leave?

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Mr Throat 2 and Throat 1,


The statement that life has no guarentees is completely correct, this is why man was given a brain so that he could accumulate information and not fall into pitfalls as he goes. As a general statement directed at a non specific subject, fine, you are correct.


However, once you introduce a factor like $50,000, then one would expect that self preservation and risk management would kick in, obviously the thrill of flight out balances this fact.


So the flight school plan is still on . EASY MONEY , with no guarantees, and a internet forum that spreads misleading information for free.


anybody want to buy stock, because we as share holders are bound to get rich quick!




Oh and duf, not to point out the obvious but, there is a reason for the small print....

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