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What Happened

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Looks like everybody quit? ahhhh.


Try to win an argument based on merit, be honest, provide what insight you can even if it is not always politically correct? Don't be afraid to voice your opinion to whomever, these are the values that give us US freedoms and why we are the envy of the world today.


Good luck Duf, your going to need it! As for Throat 1 and 2 , try to look at the abstract and don't be so focused on the obvious.



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Why would a school put in large print/front center, that the school doesn't guarantee employment? When I say fine print, I mean, it is linked (and not hidden) on an informative website.

I don't need a school to guarantee I'll get a job. I just need them to show me how to fly the **** 'steel mosquito'.

I can guarantee I'll get myself the job.

(no University degree with a 2.8 and all)


leadingedge, I ask you this:

How is the industry going to train new pilots?




You miss 100% of the shots you never take.-Wayne Gretzky 
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Mr. Dufster, call sign "FUD"


Dude, (is that cool?MS,OT,CD,HM,DT1,DT2,and Ryan? ) I and everyone in the industry can see that you have decided to become a pilot. I am suggesting that you keep your present job = cashflow, continue taking in all the different opinions being expressed, and find a hole! You are rushing! For 50K cash whammo!, there is bound to be a cash strapped operator where you could possibly buy into a 206 and get your license at the same time and have something to show for it after. I'm saying don't limit your possibilities with the "no guarantees bullshit" and make a better informed choice. Take your time , think and act like a 70 year old!


What you should be looking for is a connection with a company that uses Helicopters( more hours per year the better), get a job there? and have a buddy with a Jetranger and a class 2. Place your self ala strategic, and make allowances for safety and security.


By participation in this forum maybe you are doing just that?


Take your time young man.


Good luck in your endeavors

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You haven't got a clue how much time I have been reading/ visiting people on this topic. I appreciate your advice though...


Leadingedge, I think I know who you are.

I had a convo in another thread entitled "deteriorating industry standards" with a gentleman working in the gulf islands area.


You two have all the EXACT same spelling mistakes. like "MAYBEE"


Oh sh##, You never got to read that thread. You joined up here after it was pulled..

Can't be the same person.

MAYBEE it is just purely coincidence, dude.

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