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What Happened

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Also Mr. Valve


tell Santa I have been a good boy all year and brushed my teeth before bed every night, well almost every night (except for that night in Ft Nelson when the Engineer and I were so drunk we slept in the lobby of the Blue Bell with the Jugettes) and he should bring me a fluffy Puppy.


Thank You


Little DTII

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Dear Mr Deep Throat II, I like your style kid I don't know who you are or where you live or your real name, but you sure have some Moxie...If it we didn't have guys like you....well you know how the rest goes.


Signed Deep Throat The Third......absolutely-positively in no way shape or form the same person as DTII scout's honor,cross my heart and hope to die.

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Hi readers, want a good laugh ??


Just to re-cap, I wrote....

"Hey Deep Throat and Duf Check PMs"


So Leadingedge immediately wrote back....

"Overtalk, are you manuevering outside the transparent process? Where I come from this is called conspiracy or even worse?, another attribute of the industry that needs attention.

Try to win the argument at face value, you could also copy this PM to me but ......? "


Now, I'm sure I dont need to remind those of you that have been members here for more than 5 days that this not actually a transparent process, after all, a PM is a PERSONAL message.


However, just for entertainment, I will now post the PM that Leadingedge wanted to see....


"Hi I have nothing to say but I know the fact we are sending Pms will drive leadingedge crazy, if he isn't already !! "



Hey L'edge, GOTCHA.

Thanks, you keep us amused.

Regards, OT

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If you want it bad enough, go and get it. Dont let Mr. Leadingedge deter you from your goals. After reading this thread, I have come to the humble conclusion that leadingedge has been operating for far to many years in the rain without any blade tape.

The industry is full of great people. Pilots, Engineers, OP's managers etc. Research your school, get the licence, and start knocking on doors. We all needed a lucky first break, right place, right time etc. There are no guarantees in life, it is what you make of it.

Good Luck!


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