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What Happened

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I have kept quiet here for a while, and I'll put some things on the table


(Before you spell checkers jump out, I AM NOT CANADINA/ENGLISH/AMERICAN but NORWEGIAN, so any spelling 'erors' are due to that!


Mr. Leading Edge, do you seriously think that any serious school will give a guarrantee? It's like saying that you'll get a job as a lawyer immediately after law school!


I think it was Mr. Duf that mentioned something about sitting on the Gluteus Maximus and whining, rather than actively pursuing work. I have several prior students working now, and some that don't. The unsuccessful ones are the ones (yes your getting it) sitting on their butts, waiting for the phone to call.


Then there are the ones that have traveled all over the effing country, thay have work, almost to the last one of them! But did we ever guarrantee work? NO!


At the school I was at previously, we also had a composite technician course, and they were not promised work either, but regardless, all the courses were full?


It all comes back to being able to get off the arse and do something, if you fancy sitting in yuor armchair waiting for the phone to ring, then GOOD LUCK.


The need for pilots will come (Just like there is a need for engineers NOW!). All it takes is a little patience!




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AV CANADA must have folded up, with all the idiots we seem the be getting, hilarity is one thing, but hiding behind a hidden idenity and mud slinging is something else.


If you have the guts to sling sh*t, then have the guts to identify yourself or are you scared we will recognize what mental hospital you are presently lodged at.


Cheers, Don


PS; For your information when I say a group hug, I really mean, put the naysayer in the middle and we will sqeeze the sh*t out of him/her

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Sorry, I won't be able to add much today, to this delightful forum. I am scheduled for at least 3 sessions of electro shock therapy! My doctor says that once my brain has been adequately numbed I will have a better chance at getting my first job, and won't have as difficult a time believing everything people tell me.


Doc also said that total removal of the front lobe may be a better solution, and guarantees results.

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Remember The uncommon man is merely the common man thinking and dreaming of success in larger terms and in more fruitful areas.


Also : Whatever you want wants you even more than you want it.


Ring the bells that can still ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

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