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does the future of YXD affect you??

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so i see 16-34 at YXD is now closed... is the future or lack thereof going to have any affect on the rotary wing community?? who is there now?? canadian, rcmp, stars, 630 ched r44, e-z air??


i remember my 1st couple of hours in a c150 with the edmonton flying club oh so many years ago!!



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I think the only way to save YXD is for the people of Edmonton to elect counselors who understand how important the airport is. 20-30 jet flights a day may not be appropriate now, but the small stuff is very important economically to the business world every single day. They need to wake-up..


Once that airport is gone, it will be too late.



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I tend to think the only cool part about Edmonton is the fact that they have an airport downtown. What really drives me nuts about the whole thing is driving around the Chuck seeing billboards about how I should "beat the Calgary habit" and fly out of YEG. Maybe if they had kept the Muni open to commercial traffic instead of making everyone drive 50 mins out of town I might consider it! You're already 1/3 of the way to Calgary by the time you get to YEG anyway.


More importantly, anyone know what the plan is for all the medevac traffic in and out of there. Is being flown into Leduc really that much better than whatever backwater you had to be airlifted out of??


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I say let it close, Let Villeneuve (CZVL) reap all the rewards. It only takes 15 mins to drive there from west Edmonton. No one to complain about air traffic, Its all farm land around it, Only thing I don't like about CZVL is that they only lease the land for hangers, and won't sell them, except for a few private land owners there, but the want $1,000.000 for a run down old hanger.

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Actually guys, those hangers are looking pretty darn good for their age.

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I worked at the Muni for a short period of time in 1969 -(yikes 42 years ago) and they were talking about it closing it then so don't expect any smart politicians in Edmonton except the ones who own land in Nisku.


"Alberta is not big enough in population for even one hub but the oil &gas HQs in Calgary have created the necessity for one," Don Carty when CEO of American.

Edmonton will always be a has-been airport due to its location and the forementioned remark.


If Edmonton had made Namao the commercial airport then at least they would have had an airport within a reasonable distance of downtown

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