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Convincing The 'other Half' Of Moving

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does she drink Lambs ? tell her they make it fresh there....hahahah :P


Well she just might!


Thanks 'tappet'!


Compromises work too I know, but don't know what the compromises would be.


I think the best thing is to drag her there kicking and screaming, and let her find out for herself how nice it really is!


I mean, we have been in London for about 2 years, and we have met virtually NO people here, just since we started working out, have we actually met people, and we see them only when we work out.


When I was in Gander there were people around all the time, and we were friendly with neighbours and you could strike a conversation with anyone. Heck lat time I was there I had to walk to the corner store to buy some food to tie me over the storm that happend upon us, and I had a good chat with people at the store, just because I ventured out! (Had to walk 4 blocks in about 3 feet of snow). Even the day I left, I just happened to see RDM there too, when he was digging his car out.


But I guess, the ties to the home are hard to break. and if she can manage to find a job here, I'm screwed! (lol)




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