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Hey... Where Is Everyone?


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Yup...that's it Elvis....




By the way do you ever sleep, or do you have a computer in your bed? :wacko:


Anyhow it is not often that you will see a picture like that of two of aviations greatest airplanes restored and flying in formation for public entertainment.


Any idea of where CTD and Biggles went?


Thank's again for the link.


Rev C.W.

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Hey Reverend, I'm still around but having some difficulty in trying to find something constructive to say or add. Between yourself, Cap, Sharkbait, Winnie, Blackmac, VertRef, Twinstar etc... you fellars just about speak my mind. Nothing major has captivated my interest yet but I am optimistic. Besides, winter is around the corner, might have to move these fingers eventually to stay warm. Hey, your updates are much appreciated, be good, be safe .



The Biggles

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Rosco, Biggles and all the rest of you :


Thanks for the kind words.


I owe a lot of my newfound sucess to members of this group for helping me to get back on track after the loss of my company a few years ago.


I especially wish to thank CTD for his wise words to me pointing out that negative thinking would eventually destroy my mental health, and I still had much to offer aviation. If only he knew how close I had come. It is strange that a member of the same organazation that caused my depression was instrumental in jolting me back to reality.


Then of course common sense reminds me that the good people in any organazation far out number the bad.


So for those of you who ever wonder if forums like this are good for the industry, the answer is simple, yes group support is priceless.


Chuck Ellsworth.

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