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Northen Camp Rating And Overview

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I'm sorry but I'm just being told that the customers who are in fact the camp owner doesn't like that kind of publicity. So, I'm affraid that this topic will be closed, and therefore I'm very sorry and I'm reaffirm my good intentions about this.


Could someone from the forum admin could delete this topic and all the post in it, please !!!


This is a great topic!! It's an interesting read, and brings back many a memory, both good and not quite as good. Publicity, oh well. Keep the topic going for the benefit of all and maybe improvement? of some camps. Back in the day, when the camps in the High Arctic meant one support flight into camp every two weeks or so, maybe a letter every other week, HF phone patch sometimes, no internet, sat phones,...now that was stylin':)

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Based on your scale this camp doesn't even qualify...BUT it really wasn''t that bad. No Internet, no phone (OK...Qualcomm when you could hit their satellite LOL), and a plane that would drop by just to check on us once in a while. That old pilot by the way would take my unstamped letters to my soon to be wife and mail them for me...Pierre if you're here my wife still loves you. 42 days. The cook was good, fresh fish and moose always help,post-773-1283524333_thumb.jpg the the line cutters were great. Northern Sask by the way.



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In the mid to late 70's there was a camp in the arctic islands just on the edge of Cameron Island called Bent Horn that if you wanted to measure on the neg. side would have taken top rating, it was in mid Nov. time frame and the camp was on sled, all linked together and pulled by a Cat. So that each trailer that measured approx. 8ft by 15ft and was set up to sleep if you could six people. and this included the toilet which was a five gal. pail that was behind a old army blanket in the corner by the door. You were given one black plastic garbage bag a week that you were to use as your personal toilet liner. The trick was to remember what knot you would tie the bag so that when you picked from the six bags that perched on a a ledge on the out side of the trailer.(thank god it was cold). you got yours. The beds that were stacked three per side of the trailer would be best discribed a half open casket so that when you got in to bed you had to choose before getting in whether you wanted to lay on your back or stomach laying on your side was not an option as the bed above was so close 18in from the base of your bed to the bed above. We were in the camp close to 10days before we discovered that cook was a woman as any time you went into the cook sled she had a parka on with the hood up,and a cig hanging out that was half ash as she served up your plate, she was also incharge of the black garbage bags, she had no favorites, and helicopter crews were on the bottom of her barrel.

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I tried to make that one post, but every time I tried it one of the photos was not included.

Elvis those pictures look like pretty much every Science or GSC camp I ever stayed in in the Arctic. Full of usually one old wise excentric scientist and a handful of impressionable doting wet behind the ears university students acting like summer camp attendies. Comments?

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