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A Jet Ranger Simulator....

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I am building myself a Jet Ranger simulator since one year:



The last exibition was at Moisselles (LFFE) with a lot of people how test my simulator for the first time:



I am building it for only my pleasure and for passionate people.

All partsare building my self like:










Switch (One for exemple):



I am sorry but all messages are in french language, if you can't anderstand, you can look at the pictures who are speaking for you (I hope!!)


In 26, 27 & 28 november 2010, I show my simulator in Le Bourget near Paris. If you want to visit it....








PS, I had install on the top a little Bell206 how is moving with the command and switch of the simulator. So, the people can anderstand the system moving by the pilot:







Excuse me for the mystakes !!

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Thanks to you !


The seats are due middle back seat of two cars. All part of simulator are building myself except the seats. First time I try to built the seats but sewing fabric was not strong enough :




The gauges are not making by flat screeen. You can see by axemple my "Horizon artificiel" here:


You can see the steps for building a gauge like that:



If you clic on the picture you can see a démonstration on youtube :






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HI every hélicopter' pilot,




From few months, I have finished the Cabin's cockpit :



My next demonstrations was at Le Bourget and Orly nearly Paris in FRANCE :


Le BOURGET: http://www.aircockpit.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1768&start=0


Orly : http://www.aircockpit.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1797&p=16570#p16570


In few months I am about to work on the visual to be better than now !





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Since few months, I send to you some news about my simulator.


- I have build my curve screen

- I built an Allison turbine in 1/2 scale for show the system motor on the helicopter board

- I install two cameras in cockpit to see the pilots and front side

- The little helicopter on top is moving with the action on the simulator


My next project is to make it move in little circle similar of the moving by rotor.


You can see more on this link :




And my turbine in build here :




If you go to Paris in France, visit me and take off with my simulator only for pleasure


Regards ;)



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