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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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I don't know about you guys but I joined this forum in the apparently mistaken belief that I would be exchanging views with a group of proffesionals.

Instead in the last month or two we have seen this forum enter a spiral that makes JFK jr's last flight look like a gentle glide. It is only a matter of time until the wings or, perhaps, blades depart the aerodyne.

Have certain people been watching too much Jerry Springer or what?

The petty bickering, contradictions and outright insults have got to stop.

In the event that you feel that you have to reply to someone who has insulted you perhaps a PM is the much more appropriate forum.

Right now this place has all the appearances of a kindergarden playground.

Perhaps less so as they at least have adult supervision.

When I see people gleefully pointing out spelling errors instead of replying to the original point I wonder what we are trying to accomplish here.

What is everybody so bitter and twisted about anyway.

Imagine a first time guest looking at the forum - appearance is reality - what conclusions do you think he or she will make about the helicopter business in general and us in particular?

Perhaps it is time to back away from the monitor and take a good look at ourselves.

Just a thougth.

We now return you to the usual round of rumour, inuendo and hearsay.



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Sharkbait, I asked the same question in a topic entitled “What is happening here??” back in February. Not much seems to have changed, except that we have lost a lot of great contributors.


RDM, Nice to see you back. Please try to get hold of a full version of the "deterioration" thread from Kyle, before it was edited, censored, stopped and eventually removed. It is very enlightening about some of the new voices around here. Very similar to last Jan/Feb when we had some new voices arrive with strong tones and obstinate attitudes that drove many of the old timers away.

It would be nice if new members had a probationary period during which they had to read 200 (or so) posts before they could say something. This might bring back some civility, respect for fellow pilots, and maybe even some humour.


Kyle, Do you remember your comments after the great Ribmaster debate ?? You were going to blow the whistle harder and more often, and try to bring these conversations back to a higher level........

yeah, right !!. I can't hear the whistle !!

Someone recently suggested you like the controversies here because they bring a huge number of views, and therefore you can sell more advertising on the site. I realise this is your website and you can do as you wish, but some of us are sick of this unpleasantness.

In my opinion, your tolerance of this stuff relates very closely to the deteriorating prices and standards in our industry........it is attracting a very low quality of participation. In the same way that we can see the good/experienced Canadian pilots heading South or overseas for work, we can also see them heading somewhere else for helicopter forums. The choice is yours.

Remember, socks need to be pulled-up from above.


Sincerely, in hope of better things,

Cyclic Monkey

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I mentioned this in another thread so I will repeat it here. I put a comment of praise for some of the pilots that I have flown with over the years on this website only to be pissed on from the heavens by a AME. I don't remember the context of the remark I made or why but it was s benign comment ment for those that I knew. I tried in vein to opologies to the CME and when that didn't work I desided that I would frequent here less often. We get enough of this at work, I don't need it in my spare time.

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I think the anonymity is a good thing for the reasons that #### delineated, but there should be some controls. There is at least one individual on this forum that has about 10 different identities. He must think he's playing Dungeons and Dragons or something... the different characters taped above his computer so he remembers who he's supposed to be at the time... can't mix up the characters and have the "engineer" start talking like a pilot... or the "guy who's been around" start talking like a newbie...


It's really getting old. I think that there should be an IP Address function that prevents a guy from needing some support and "whipping up" a new member that can back him (usually by insulting the opposing party)... It's way too easy to "become a new person" with a few key strokes. The whole thing is fun in small doses but is fairly fatiguing after awhile. I guess the maturity and professionalism we claim to own should prevent this from getting out of hand... but doesn't seem to work for everyone.


My two cents,



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I have been a helicopter engineer for more years than I can remember and I have worked with some of the best pilots and engineers and in fairness to everyone I have worked with, if there ever was a jerk around, it was me. So many people in this great business have imparted their wisdom and assistance to me and I seek out forums like this to keep learning from young and old alike.

I left the Cdn. Army in 1968 and started at the original Shirley Helicopters and from that day on I have flown with so many professionals, worked in so many hangars with engineers who were wizards and together, we made this all work, having some fantastic experiences along the way, scared ourselves silly, drank ourselves to oblivion, got up the next day and did it all over again. And I would do it all over again just to share those experiences with those people who gave me the memories I have.

I think we all have to learn to have a tremendous amount of respect for each others position. I have been in three bad accidents in this business and I'm still here doing what I love to do. But over the last few years, Kipper, Ed Porco, Terry Churcott and so many others have left us and the business is worse for their leaving. Yes we have all bitched over the years about the companies, the pay, the long months stuck in third rate camps in the high arctic, etc., etc., etc. But we still did it because we loved it.

When I read some of the less than tasteful remarks about anything and everything, I realize why I don't post too much and maybe things have changed for some of you. Maybe you don't really love this business, maybe it is just a job and unfortunately the loss is yours.

I work now with a woman partner who flies our aircraft and she works harder than most men I have worked with and is a tremendous pilot, totally dedicated to flying. God its fun, just like the times we used to have, ***** at each other all day long and realize at the end of the day with all the work to do, that this is really living.I have more character defects than anybody on this forum, just ask my partner but I am sure that all of you who get involved in these online scraps are great people and if you would just take a moment to see the other persons job and the difficulties each of us are faced with, we could come to understand the other persons point of view without tearing them a new a****le.

Good luck gentlemen/ladies, its not a bad game at all.

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I share the same dissapointment at the lack of respect that a lot of the new generation have for their colleauges.


I also miss reading posts by people like CTD and biggles.


It was a long summer away from home for me just like many of you and now that we may have more time for sharing our love of aviation lets get some of our friends back.


Chuck Ellsworth

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I think in a written forum environment such as this, you just have to accept that you will have all manners of discussions here. "IP blocking" those who have controversial ways of expressing themselves would be counterproductive. I like to hear all sides of the fence to get a balanced perspective of our business - whether the comments are rational and well-worded or just blowing-off-some-steam rants - it shouldn't matter. I think we're all mature enough to apply our own filters.


BV - sorry to hear about your job situation and I hope there are better days ahead, but don't blame it all on foreigners taking BC jobs. That kind of thinking makes life very insular. I live in BC but work in Alberta. Perhaps I'll do some international work later on. Am I taking jobs from someone else in their province/country? Maybe, maybe not, but we should be free to work wherever we choose...isn't that part of the reason we're helicopter pilots?


As for a union...don't get me started (yes, I voted "No" in the poll). I think they would hurt more than they heal but truth-told I have no direct experience with a union and what they can offer. I have, however, worked side-by-side with union employees and am fully aware of the apathy unionization can create in the worker's approach in quality performance of their duties. My feeling is that this industry can, and should, be largely self-regulating and could be better achieved through a community-accepted professional body providing some guidance and oversight in establishing standards, promoting ethical business practices and perhaps even providing some ombudsmanship - and I don't mean a union nor TC intervention here :rolleyes: . Unions are heavy-handed and seem to create an adversarial relationship with "management" - not healthy in my estimation. I like the concept of HEPAC but need to understand its agenda better before I offer my support. All I'm saying is don't jump on the Union bandwagon hoping it will cure your ill - I don't think its that simple.


My $0.02 for tonight.

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