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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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Hey Bleedvalve, you forgot to have a go at all the English, Spanish, Belgium, Russian, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Americans flying around Canada.


Sorry you haven't got a job but maybe its all about your attitude. If you really have 15yrs in this industry then I find it amazing to believe you cannot find work.


I am a kiwi and I have been welcomed everywhere and had numerous job offers. I don't work for free and demand a fair wage, I pay plenty of taxes and work in all the ****** places that Canadian employers cannot find Canadian's to work. Only on two occaisions have I had comments made to me about being a southerner and they were both from western pilots. Not even the Quebecers said anything. Perhaps that reflection is indicative of this forum?

I am so happy and humbled to work in this great country. Thanks to all who use Aussies and Kiwi's on a regular basis.


You should also head out into the planet and get some experience. Then you would realise that there are a shitload of Canuks in Aussie, the odd one in NZ, Guam on the boats, loads in PNG taking the aussie jobs, plenty in the middle east, Russia and scores of other places. The industry is a global village.


Not only are they out taking the jobs but Canada is exporting CHC to the ends of the earth. Thanks for nothing.... :)


As for this forum. I know lots of guys who take the occaisional look but really cannot be bothered. All this place is about is arguing between a load of good ol boys. Its like being invited to a BBQ and having nobody chat with you. Often questions are not answered and if you don't belong to the "IN" crowd you soon realise it is a waste of time. Considering Canada is so influential in aviation worldwide it is funny that you cannot learn anything from a bunch of canuks. PPRUNE is where the learning and intelligent chat goes.


Still we would love to learn and share. Clean it up, do some advertising and perhaps we might even get a union going.

...yeah right.


Solidarity brus!

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To all the "newbies' to this business, I suggest you read, print-out and keep forever the previous post by Carholme. He has described this business you have recently entered into "to a T" and do yourself a favour and believe every word he has stated........and I mean every word.


I have good reason to believe that I know Carholme very well and he has tons of reasons to "*****" about the industry if he wanted to "spill his guts". He's worked around and for more than his fair share of a##holes and jerks. He also realizes that the MAJORITY of the people he has worked with are pretty good people that you'd be happy to do another tour with tomorrow........... ditto for the operators that he has worked for. He's made his mistakes undoubtedly, but I'll be dammed if I can remember a serious one........except one or two times he forgot to bring his pilot his first coffee in the morning. :rolleyes: Those offenses probably occurred on those mornings when the "a##hole" on those occasions was ME.


Remember also that you have entered into a "Specialty Flying" career, that it is also a "Charter " industry.....and is not a "Scheduled Ailine". You are in the same boat (pardon the pun please) as some outfit in Key Biscayne, Florida operating a "Charter" fishing boat(s). Your company and industry will have good years and some bad years and you may go for stretches where "good jobs" are scarce because of that.......and you might even suffer your company going bankrupt on occasion or receiving your "pink slip".


Finally, when the day comes that you can see more of your career behind you than you can see in front of you, I hope and trust that you will be able to mirror the comments of Carholme's excellent post. My family has been "steeped" in aviation for three generations and the vast majority of those that I have worked with have my undying gratitude for teaching me, putting up with me and allowing me to call them friends. You'll search hard to meet a better bunch of human beings......even if some of them do get a little bitter on occasions. :D .........and usually around this time of year also. :(

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Hello everyone,


I just need to through this question out cause I can't seem to see were anyone has written,asked it...........Bleedvalve, have you ever belonged or been associated with a union before......a card carrying, due paying member? I know this is not on topic with the thread but seems to keep overlapping discussions. I'm curious cause my past experiences in my life before aviation had me signed up with three different unions.

Now of coarse I can only speak for myself and the people I used to work around but the only thing a union does.....in the long run is bring morality down...(mob :shock: thinking) and greases the palms of the local...........Please don't take this as a slight or a poke at your integrity BV cause you seem to like to get your back up pretty easy. This is about aviation and only aviation and how a union could possibly, remotely make things better. It would be a dark day if we ever let those money grubbing teamsters anywhere near any Canadian Helipad.


Just me my humble opinion

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Shitters, 2 posts from me today - haven't done that in the past year. Simple reason: The Deep Throat types we've been seeing (jezus, wrong forum with that name) not to mention the ignorant attitudes and shallow comments.


Reverend Charles, Mr Cap, and welcome huge to you Carholme, and all the other like minded crazy bunch make and have made aviation as we see and know it (we all know who we are) the very incredible industry that it is. Unfortunately, I have a yard ape home today and do not have the time to air out my thoughts, but I will later or eventually.


I don't know what more I could possibily add that Carholme hasn't said so perfectly well but surely I will think of something.

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You are right, too much of the negative stuff here and this has a lot to do with why I've tried lately to stay clear. I tend to get riled up too easy after a long day over here. One of my co-workers suggested one of us write a short story about the ride to work. But we all figured the rest of the world wouldn't believe it was non-fiction!


I'll apologize to the crowd for this as well, and any points I have ref. unions I will place in the appropriate thread, though its sunk so low now I am having trouble seeing a point.


I get riled up by many of these posts because I still consider myself a part of the Canadian helicopter industry, just on a hiatus. I don't want to see it destroyed before I can come back.


The vast majority of the people I've worked with, in all jobs and all levels, were great. A few bad apples have not spoiled the bunch for me, just made the good apples taste sweeter.

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Gentlemen, I humbly get into this issue because, since the first time I read this forum and registered, thought this is one of the most professional and friendly bunch of pilots, with lots of experience and people wanting to share. It's sad for me to see how things are going down the drain. Of course I'm a guy from Spain and maybe I shoudn't say anything about what might be "your bussiness and not mine", but let me tell you that Canadian helicopter pilots are a main reference for a lot of other pilots around the world and now things seem to appear like you are a bunch of children discussing about candy, and I KNOW IT'S NOT THAT WAY, so please for the good of the industry and yourselves, go back to professionalism and leave the guys that are deteriorating this site to stand alone and don't answer to the provocations, it's that easy.


Buen vuelo :angry:

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