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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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To me gentlemen, it seems like you / we are being set - up for something down the road, by these newcomers with nothing intelligent to say other than to try and get somebodies goat. Try not to get sucked in to the point where this site will be removed due to lack of integrity because of the useless responses from individuals that may or may not be even part of this industry. In the past, this site has provided very useful information to the pilots that were here for that reason in the first place.

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Agreed ol' bald one :up: :P


Now how come you have NOT PM me about the openings I mentioned today. To far away from the BIG LAND for you, then again you should be retiring soon :P:P


How is the new ride....performing like the rocket it is?

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Helo Teacher good to see you - I will believe the story - are you in the area of the to the North of the last place we were together?

Biggles arises from her hiding place. ( must be Oyster season )

Perhaps this uncontrolled deviation into childlike behavior by a vocal minority is a mere bump in the road.

I think Matador has made a good point. If we do not rise to the bait the people looking for confrontation will eventualy depart to pollute other sites.

Having said that does not the word Moderator have any connection to moderation?

A _little _lot _ whole bunch ( pick one ) of wrist slapping and a spell check option should, perhaps, calm things down.

Night all.



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this one is getting just as bad as the other one. i did post on that thread but it was an honest statement of my opinion (and was offensive to no one-IMHO) but matador is right. we'll all get painted with the same brush by the rest of this sites visitors if we're not careful and i don't want other pilots throughout the world thinking that i am an idiot simply because i am a canadian. perhaps the annonimity (sp?) is a bad thing.

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fair enough, i suppose, but the point behind forums like this is for the exchange of ideas and opinions regarding things that affect us. not to exchange insults. maybe i should stop wasting my time here if people are going to get their hackles up because they feel that their right to act childishly is being cramped by calls from others to act like the pros we are supposed to be. of course, i will be back to see what kind of reaction this gets. can't help but look at a car accident either, i guess.

oh, and i have never seen anything like this on any other forums. guess i don't spend enough time there.

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I have tried to stay out of this tread , to malicious!, see that Throat is up to his same old juvee mudslinging. It all takes me back to the deteriorating tread of days gone by. Matador you are correct in your assertions, people will see us based on the behavior they see here. What scares the bejeasus out of me is that if its here on the web, it must be 10 times worse on the job.


Perhaps there was some truth in tread of days gone by.


Just an opinion.

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Leadingedge, I disagree, it is NOT ten times worse on the job.


At the camps I was at this year there were 5 to 15 pilots (and almost as many engineers) all working hard, being safe, helping each other and having a few laughs over the table at dinner-time.

Some were from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

It was a wonderful example of multicultural professionalism that would look good to any outsider.


The ocassional "bad apple" that makes the rest of this website/industry look bad was probably at home whining about how just a "few" people could prevent him from getting a job anywhere in this huge country.


Someone needs to take a long look in the mirror, instead of taking his solo mission to Ottawa. His efforts reek of a "few" people having too much power, which is the very thing he is complaining about.

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First of all I would like to apologize to those of you who were offended by some of my posts....but in all fairness you do have the option of not reading them. I have taken things a bit far with Bleedvalve,but this is a person who looks to blame everybody but himself for his current situation....There are lots of jobs available to competent Pilots and Engineers here in Canada, most of Canada's large operators are experiencing a severe shortage of pilots with Bleedvalve's supposed experience..So for my attitude towards this person I do not appologize I mean come on people his posts are pure racism at it's best, but once again I chose to read them and if they enrage me then that is my fault and not his.

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Bleedvalve, Tachbox, Leading Edge, JWRALPH (of deteriorating infamy)

Appear as many but are one


Come on folks, they are the same person!


Anyone remember that phenomenon in Windsor, Ontario, where there was several prank calls to the house, and all the Bell Canada techs were just lost? It made the news.. The voice called itself SOMMY.


Turns out it was their own kid on an extension in the house. You gotta hear the "voice" I swear that's what you guys must sound like SOOOMMY!!


I must thank the rest you all for the advice and guidance. I really do appreciate it and hope to meet you one day!

To the above mentioned... Thanks for the sidesplitting guffaws. Hilarious. keeping it coming! Unravel the MPS online. I love it. Carwreck!

Edited by duf
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