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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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Here we go again,Bleedvalve as for you upholding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that's quite a laugh you can't even hold a job, you last post reminds me of a little guy from Germany about 60 years ago he to said he was only trying to protect a few special interests of the German people..This mighty person who you say Blackballed you, must be all powerfull that even you previous employers for the past 15 years won't rehire you?. As for all the fully employed members of this forum according to BV we are all a bunch of Brown-Nosers because we have managed to stay gainfully employed all these years?

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Millons of people go to work every day in conditions they hate, and they put on a happy face..why? survival, I am sure come Christmas when there are no presents under the tree your children will be proud that Daddy has such high morals...I too have children and there is nothing I wouldn't do if it meant a better life for them.


But I am lucky in the fact that I work with and for Incredible people everyday.


And I think you might be confussing Laziness, with Morals

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Fortunately where I work the type of environent you speak of does not exist, I will concede though that it probably does happen on some very,very small scale, most of us who have been working for a very long time know that this does happen in every work environment, no matter what Industry or trade you are involved in there are always certain types of people, The Jerk, The Joker etc.... fortunately for myself though in the Helicopter Industry in Canada I have found quite the opposite to what you describe as the norm, look at any Fire camp at Sundown if someone needs to change an engine everyone will usually lend a helping hand, as well most older experienced pilots will gladly help out a young guy almost any day of the week..............it's to bad you have this image of this industry,but when we look in the mirror we usually see an image...As for the presents under the tree this was not to convey wealth,lord knows allot of us have had hard times, but mostly we pull up our own Bootstraps and not expect others to do it for us.



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