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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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I'm sure your father has ample reasons to have nothing to do with you. I think babbling incoherently, making inane comments and repeatedly showing an old picture of Rasputin would be enough to make me drown my kid.




P.S. Are you a Boney M fan or something?

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I am gonna give everyone here a quick history lesson

My last name is Dufour.

I e-mailed the f**k that originated the "deteriorating" post.

Since I did that.. He now knows my last name(E-mail display).. Guess what he changed his name to? "bleedvalve"

Now this sick (but clever) f**k is claiming to be a "Dufour" too.

Why? Cause I burned him pretty bad... on the deteriorating posts, called him on many name changes/ identities.


If he identifies himself, with my last name.. and posts ridiculous, malice things> Using my last name as ammo... I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING AND I WON't LET YOU DO IT.

What do you think will happen when my application crosses your bosses/your desk?!


Nice way to exact revenge you sick f**k. I am onto you. And I will find out who you are. I'm sure your John Ralph though....

Take note

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Well Hv Th eFu#cking moron take that=+

I'll forgive you because looking at the time of your post and guess-timating how much of that rum you had in you... I'd say you can't be held accountable for your actions... lucky for you...



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I still think this is an interesting forum no matter what, #### I am glad to see that you have not given up on this place and that you are now the most senior poster here, I nominate #### for Honorary Monitor, anyone second this. I smell a new poll coming.



Bravo true intellenge shines through the darkness.I second the nomination and go one step further His ROYAL KING MONITOR. 3 cheers for #### the voice of the masses, speaker of the truth, the siren of justice and our only saviour in these challenging times. Glory and Honour are ours follow the ROYAL KING MONITOR to the fields and hangers across this great country and all will be returned to us the wrench twisters and wings of todays machines.

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