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RDM Has been into the books. Done a nice job on his own legs. As you know he is real shy so he is a little modest when it comes to bragging about his waxing abilities. What a set of legs that man has. He is keeping us busy here in Stavanger. Imagine looking at him as though he knows something...................lol


Keep in touch.



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Never mind my legs, although they are pretty hot.


Shouldn't you be studying.....doesn't someone have a IFR/PPC tommorrow?






How goes the battle? Doin fine we all hope. Quess your nearing the end of this tour.


You sent a resume in yet, there are openings :blink:;):rolleyes:

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:o ?? RDM you mean it hasen't crossed your desk yet? :unsure:


Yup tour is coming to a close .......... 42 days off coming .........best part is I am doing less then the hoist commander and making more then him! Maybe I'll take up the game of casing white balls on my time off!


SAR who's teaching who what over there? Be honest you two! Hey I heard a rumour lad, is it true? Did ya "just do it"? :shock:

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Yes sireee bob, he has made the plunge, didn't he take any heed from me and you now did he. :wacko::wacko:


Apparently, as the story goes she said.............ah, I'll sent that bit to you in a PM. Would not want the little fella to be embarassed.


With regard to the teachin part, naw not doin much of anything here this time. Shut the door, but the box up on the jacks and let the boys try loops and rolls all day long. BEER is no cheaper and these dam Norwegian women are getting uglier by the day :shock: :shock: :up:

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Hey RDM, did you try to find any of that Moonshine I tole you 'bout?


It's called "hjemmebrent" (Pronounced something like Yemm'brint).


It's cheap!


Tell those dang sim instructors that they are too old, and need to change their reportoir!


(Night ILS Single engine to a running landing at Kjevik, or Night auto full on to the runway at Sola)


Cheers, and don't eat too many eggs before heading home, you know what they say about that in the human factors book? :up:


PS Norwegian girls are NOT ugly!

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Bite me arse....and never mind who is flying what. :P


After flying that looser cruiser for the last number of years I do know if you are going to be capable of handling power from the big cat :up: :up:


.....boys oh boys arn't we going to have fun in the sim :up:


see you tommorrow night at 12, have a gin and tonic ready will ya, Air Canada even has that nice stuff in the blue bottle

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