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Hey RDM,


Be sure to pack those sparkly SPEEDOS that you wore last month in Stavanger. I'm sure after a hard night at the COBRA, yourself, BS and DJ61 will need an hour or two in the bubbly pool to unwind. Have fun overthere and try to learn something this time. I appologise for the **** I put you through last time in the box. Very Child-Like I know. Have fun!!


SAR :up: :up:

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Hey there RH,


Yep, should be doing cannonballs off the side of the J'koozy @ the Clarion in about 10 hours from now.


BTW....any of your folks over there in the next two weeks or so?


As for the Aeroplan miles......what a ******* joke, have you tried using any lately.... :angry: :angry:

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Yeah, I know, it's grim. 85,000 miles will get you a DVD at Future Shop. If you are lucky.


Have fun over there, none of us loafers in HZ will be there until February, unless something changes and we head to WPB as well. :D


Go easy on those $16 Tou Beer. BTW, they put a video camera on the 14th floor last year, watch what goes on in that J'coozee.



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Sharp looking Hot Tubbers! Wait 'til RDM gets his photos up on this site. Man I can see it now. Those sparkly SPEEDO's just 'a glistenin'!!!!!! He may pass on the beer, gotta leave room for his Monster Size Goulash between sim sessions!


Have Fun Over There RDM. We will miss you!!!!


:up: SAR :up:


PS. As we all know, Norway is extremely expensive. So feel free to dine with RDM to save a few bucks. We get bang for our buck in Stavanger.


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