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Hey Winnie,


Out to the Helikopter Service (oops CHC) hangar today here in Stavager (Sola) and talking to one of the line training Captains. Apparently another big hiring spree about to take place. Informed me that they are even talking about taking guys right outa the intial helicopter course. Also, Scotia cheif of training was at the sim with us the other day and said the exact same. Lots of IFR heavy work here by the sounds of it.


Time for you to dust off that CV, that is if you wish to get back to this side of the pond. Women are not getting any ugler.......beer still sucks though :up: :up:

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Think I burned my bridge with CHC Helicopter Service though...


But I'm actually quite content in Ontario for the moment, just need more money and a Sikorsky product to fly!


Hope you don't give those old guys in the sim a too hard time, and remember to put it on the runway after the Auto! :D :up:

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