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Potential Pilot In Training


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OK, JD point taken. I guess the point is that their is some BIG negatives in this business, but their is some BIG positives.


Bottom line jas600 is do some major research before you lay down your $60,000 + on a commercial license.


For example I have been told by more than one pilot with 40 + years in the training business that your chances of finding a job as a commercial helicopter pilot is less than 20%. Some people on this site might dispute that figure, but there is little doubt in my mind that it is a fact. Research it and any other facts before you lay your money and lifestyle on the line.



Don't get me wrong here hybrid, I am not naive, this trade is not perfect there are some not so good part to it, let's be real. I am sure there are some other trade out there that are probably worse or better, it depends what you want to do


I have been in it for 32 years and still going, been working with alot of good people in this industry,also been in not so good places in my career but it was all adventures and part of the game. Took the bad and the good and it was mostly good.

My point is, one thing that helped a lot is that, I like to do what I do but if you have a person that don't like it for whatever reasons and stays in, tries to make a living out of it he will find that even HOME will be a not so good place to be.


32 years ago the license was a lot of money as well, it cost me a total of $12,000 including books, 206 endorsment etc but the first year I made $20,000. as a heli pilot.


Today it cost what $55/60,000 in there somewhere and you could probably make $20,0000 dollars the first year doing just about everything excepted , fly a helicopter.


Maybe I was lucky, I was never told how bad OR how good it was. Only how much it cost and when to start. and simply did it.


Good luck to you in whatever decision you take.





For Elvis, they have bran new accommodations on the lake in Pickle Lake. Single room with TV, bathroom shower, internet etc.



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Yeah, I agree HJ. You left out the best places though like High Level, Ross River, Pickle Lake, Wabasca, Qikitarjuaq, South End etc., etc., ........


I was kind of with Jacdor on this, it,s been an interesting ride, most of the time, then I read this article, and am wondering if I zigged when I should of zagged? :huh:



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