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This Is What's Happening On This Forum

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This forum has to be Kyle's most viewed forum without a doubt why? is it because we sometimes get into it with each other? is it because we are willing to throw a little mud every now and then? Sometimes log on late at night after we have had a few then wake in the AM to read our previous nights postings with remorse, with the exception of Myself and Bleedvalve's little banter this forum is a generally good place and as much as some would like to think it is not going to heck in a handcart...at least we are interesting just swing over to the fixed wing forum last post there was Sept 26. So Kyle I would like to thank You for hosting us and putting up with us, I for one believe this is the best forum for Helicopters on the Net.


I will continue to excercise my right of free speech as I am sure BV and all those other guys will, until Kyle pulls the plug on us.....

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