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Here's a suggestion. Perhaps this web site should establish another topic area as opposed to the less useful ones like "joke of the day" etc. Other web pages I attend on other subjects(Yes, you can actually have a life other than helicopters 24 hours a day)will have a technical area that memnbers will post information-a "How To" area. You can post information on how to perform various tasks for the knowledge and information of interest to others. I've seen other site members post tutorials on vintage vehicle wiring, how to service a transfer case, etc etc. There are some really knowledgable individuals here (Phil Croucher comes to mind) who can pass on some really USEFUL info in a matter of fact basis. Simple things like how to program an FM step by step, Bucketing tips, on and on. There would be no need for the oft rambing on by members posting inane comments etc, just information useful to all. A collective of knowledge, as it were.



I'd love to see something like this. I'd be more than happy to contribute in the future (when I have something to offer...)


- Darren

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This has been an informative tread. I feel for any of you low timers looking for work. Its a tough go, and only seems to be getting worse. A few years ago I was a company training pilot for a large

Why is it so difficult to add these to the curriculum?? My experience is that the students really enjoy any exercise that you can incorporate that simulates the "real world" At the school I work at we have done this with many exercises, and they often incorporate multiple students who help out by acting as "Customers" who can do things like pad cutting or slinging ground crew??


All you need is an idea of what really goes on out there and your imagination to create scenarios for the students that mimic real work, and ensuring that they won't end up costing the student by wasting hours.

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Here's something you guys should add to your curriculum. Basic math. 1% of new helicopter pilots have a chance at flying in the next 5 years and out of those 99% have family members that own the company.



Quit sugar coating it Shakey, tell it like it really is. LOL Actually I have heard that the figure is about 15-20% will find a flying job, but who knows with this economy???????????

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A real cheap upgrade for any low time pilot is to learn a language - or you really are restricted to the 21% of the english speaking world! You're wasting all that time driving - stick a language CD in there!


I'm planning a trip back to Canada this year (OK, next year) and planning to hold a few of my CRM courses here and there - if anyone is interested, PM me and maybe we can get something going. The courses are valid for Canada and JAA, and last for one day.


I've prepared a short course on avionics for the RCAF - any mileage in it for civil operators?





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I know its been a while since I've looked on here but I have been thinking from a different angle lately.... That being said, does anyone have an opinion or comment about Great Lakes Helicopters for training? Im thinking that this place is easily within commuting distance, and I can still work a weekend shift (full time) at my job while I train here. Any info is great


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Any comments at all?


I am not a student or never have been, but just to pass on a few comments as such;


They just became affiliated with the local college in the area. Their equipment is up to date with Bell 206B, R22, R44.


A friend of mine trained their and was quite pleased with the experienced instructors.


Give them a call @ (877) 648 3732 and say a friend of Dwayne's told you to call.


Don McDougall

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Hey Guy's...

I was wondering about a CIE called Icefield Helicopter tour..

has i herd i'ts a place where newbie pilot can work there doing tours making your hours building up pretty easy..

Can anybody point me to the right direction about them ?? Don't know pretty much about the organisation and i'm kinda thinking about it..

Go or no go ??


Oh, and is 1100.00$/hrs for your mountain course and 5h ppc's worth the money ??


Thanks again !

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