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206 Tail Rotor Question...


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Another 212 story...on my last 212 job the A/C on departing an offshore rig one of the power turbines shed its blades with 8 SOB and 2800 lbs of fuel the crew elected to fly 90 miles the A/C back to base.


After inspecting the A/C after landing there where holes in the T/R blades and still a few peices of turbine blades.





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All wonderful events granted, but would any of you fly those aircraft after said defects occurred?! In keeping with my above synopsis I will keep the question(s) simple....1)how did it happen? ('kind of important)

2)LESSONS LEARNED!!!! (more imprtant ?!)


-'love the stories, just an "old " low timer",






PS . How the **** do these so called "emoticons" work?
























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Albert Ross ------no sugar at all and if I do another reccomendation for you, then the price goes up.........that'll be "dead chickens and burnt pig" to go with that "latte"....even if you "write that off" to 'Misc. Entertainment Expenses' at tax time. :lol:

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