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Why do you think the world is against you?


I know the operation up there. The owner would not know you or even give a crap who you where, if he was told from someone you could fly or saw for himself that you could he would hire you. Straight shooter. If there was no job as I understand he might have said, it was filled.

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Guest bag swinnger

Bleeder, just about a hundred posts in a little over a week! thats gotta be some sort of record here. unfortunetly there is not much substance to them.

If you took all the time you have been spending on this site and put it towards looking for work, I am sure you would have a job by now.

Just an observation.

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:huh: Not sure why I am doing this, I guess I am interested to hear how bad everyone at this company is against BV as well. If you have a problem with this one you better pack your helmet up and get out.

Bailey Helicopters is looking for a pilot. 1500hrs total time $50000-$70000/yr WITH FULL BENEFITS

Looks like everything you requested?

Ready, set, come up with a reason against this one we are all listening

My fee for finding jobs for you has just gone up!!!

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I guess you had better hope that "they" aren't reading this forum or your odds for success may decrease. Wouldn't take to much to put 2 & 2 together and figure out who has applied and then deal with that application. :down:


All that whinning just may get you someplace..., but then there just be more whinning I supose. <_<

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Guest Skeeter

Suchma, Bleedvalve, I understand the matter and I got shafted to like you once but not as badly,keep trying but I don't think it will get you anywhere because most of the people in this industry are not big enough to admit when they are wrong. A like example would be trying to instruct a grade 5 student calculus, it would'nt matter what you did, they just would have no concept or foundation......


STBY on the job answer. Extra juicy....

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Attitude is a compilation of thoughs, feelings, beliefs and actions.

What you see and think about, in your internal world, manifests itself in your external world. Your attitude dictates your responses and actions to information and situtations. If you have a negative attitude you will respond to information in a negative way.


It is time to advance to a higher level of thinking, a higher level of believing.

It is time for you to understand that there are unlimited possibilities for you.


You have the ability to create you own reality. Your dream job is waiting for you.


Remember what Johnny Jellybean said " How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is lost forever."

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