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Canadian Work For Pilots

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Don't quote me on the numbers but I have heard it said that 80% of the Canadian poulation lives within 200miles of the southern US border, so I'd suggest that the further from this border you get the less people you will be competing with for whatever jobs are available. Pack the bug dope & head north.

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I think T-Rex summed it up perfectly.


It actually happened to me, while wearing a Helicopter crew jacket, the young guy working at Arby's asked me if I was a Pilot. I replied Yes, and he told me that he was too...and Yes, I did take the Fries with that too.


Sadly, a True story :(

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Hey Jas


BC and Alberta have more than 2 times the amount of helicopters and companies than the the rest of the Canadian Provinces and Territories combined.


BC has more than two times the amount of machines and companies than Alberta does.


BC is a lot tougher place to fly, and consequently most of the best pilots are gainfully employed in that province.


Might want to look at Alberta or Ontario as a good place to get your start. (#2 and #3 in Canada with respect to fleet/company size)

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Jas 600


It is true Alberta and BC have more opportunities, not to mention better pay! Quebec is a complete joke and you will be considered a seasonal worker so expect to collect EI for several months of the year. Max annual income 40K


As you are just getting started the best thing you can do is to get your training done in the mountains, and try to get going in the west.


The market outlook will improve for low timers in the years to come because right now it would be a tough go at best. Its even a tough go for high time pilots.


So if you are **** bent on becoming a helicopter pilot with all it brings, are extremely adventuresome, have a strong supportive spouse that can deal with you being away for long stretches. ( cause you sure as shitt aint gonna get a base job for the first few years)


Then go for it and enjoy the adventure.



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