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Your Flying Preferences

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Couldn't agree more with ya bambi! I love my seismic (the flyin that is) It's not so hard to do left hand curcuits all day long (Take a left a the tree follow that old exsisting a half mile till you hit a lease site and orbit there for 10 min) :down:. Five hours of swing bags or any external load opperation for that matter makes the days go by alot faster then anything I have ever done. Would love to try my hand at movin drills to (few hundred more bags to go :up:) most of the boys that I have talked to about it love it .


On the same hand I've also done a little mountain flyin not much, but enough to understand how people fall in love with the hills (till the winds hit). It's a whole new playin feild there though would mind seeing myself on a nice base job in the hills close to retierment.

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Hey Guys


I love the variety that this job provides us. Too much of the same gets old in a hurry. :down: I have to agree that most jobs with the cargo swinging is the most appealing to me. I love the challenge of precision work, but also the rush involved in production work. Got back on a bag picker today after a summer hiatus (SP???) from it. One cycle of excercising the patience required in placing that hood on the pin helped in increasing production when I moved back to layout. B) Love challenge, love diversity and don't get me wrong love the diverse people as well. Would love to someday try heliskiing, but would be frothing at the mouth just watching. :wacko:


Hey Rainman, I'm looking for that same girl. If I find her first, I'll introduce you to her sister.



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Bleedvalve ----- the first part of your wish you may and probably will attain. The 2nd part of your wish you never will because every profession and trade out there has people that won't do what you just wished for. The world's collection of back-stabbers don't all locate in aviation. My wife is a teacher and she has her share; my daughter is a Federal probation officer and she has more than her share; same with the other daughter and son in their professions. I did the military and I believe that was one of the training grounds for that sort of thing. Some guys I never got to meet because all I ever saw of them was their ankles........the rest of them was up some superior officer's rectum............and they'd slit their brother's throat to jump ahead in the senority list for that rank they were in. So don't bother looking for it.......just appreciate those that you know don't do it and ignore those that do. If you feel that's a useless exercise, then leave the profession and try another one. When you do, you'll also find that you should always "sit with your back to the wall" there also because all the knives didn't get allocated to aviation.....they were spread around evenly.

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