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Do Not Become A Helicopter Pilot

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Move On, I would nothing more but when you are shut down, Canada wide because of creep that is lying through his teeth



reminds me of that time you tried to say we had the same last name . Then went about saying ridiculous things in an attept to put a 'hex' on the name.


Anyways I am gonna go back to lurking now.


A rolling stone gathers no MOSS.

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(Temporary?) Redemption!

Apology accepted.


What was that about OT and HV on that other post? These guys are the most level headed, well spoken, informative individuals I have run across on here!!!!

I am trying to feel for ya here but you are making these problems (worse) for yourself.


Geez, my parents aways told me that our family immigrated here from France in the 1800's. Owned vineyards that now make up the town of Sandwich Ontario. The wealth didn't fall down the line.. as I just lent my father $700, the same day my buddies dad bought him a BMW 3series...life is not fair.

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Bleedvalve........I say it here for ALL to see .........there is NO Ops Manager, CP, Owner or plain old pilot, anywhere in fixed wing or rotary wing aviation in Canada or the US, that has the power to prevent any pilot from gaining employment all across Canada. You have named me two personalities and they don't have that power now, didn't have it in the past and on their best day in office, won't have it in the future either. They may cast a large shadow locally, but so do I in my house.........500 miles away they never heard of me and care less what my opinion is. You are crediting Ops Managers and CP's with more powers than they warrant sir. If you believe otherwise, then you are aiding and abetting them in accomplishing what they supposedly want......your ex-communication from this business. You are helping them now by "doting" on what they did and what they are supposedly continuing to do. Don't give them that satisfaction, give them the finger and prove them wrong. By even mentioning here what some are supposedly doing to you, is saluting them and telling them that they are still winning.......don't give them that supposed pleasure Bleedvalve. If the problem is you, then youi won't need the help of Ops Managers or CP's........you'll run yourself out of the business without anyone's help.

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I am very sorry about your problems but they are not, nohow, noway, going to be solved on this or, for that matter, any other forum.

Lashing out at any and all, even those trying to help, will not put a paycheck in the bank.

Best of luck but, please, for your own sake, back off and think about what you are attempting to do here.

Hope everything works out for you.

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Bleedvalve ------ are you telling me that you have 3000 hrs and did not work for anyone else that can give you a good reccomendation? If you do have some like that, why aren't their reccomendations as good as the two gentlemen in question here? I know both guys and neither one can walk on water and the fact they work for a large corporation "cuts no ice" with me and many others.


You will not get the Bailey position either......nothing personal and don't read anything like that into that statement. It also will have absolutely nothing to do with anyone "bad-mouthing" you.

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#### ( and fellas)

The only person on here I EVER exchanged personal e-mails with was Jwsralph and a gentlemen named "Melvin Putz" (fictitious?!) who claimed to be from Ralphies company..threatening legal action if I didn't retract my comments... It scared me.. but now I realize it's nulll and void, nothing I wrote could harm me in court.

So problem solved, i feel bad for the real Ralphie if it really wasn't him...

Or this BV character is him claiming to be some other MOSSy old log

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