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Government Air Ops

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When I was with the contracting section for air ops in PWGSC we did a study on federal air ops , such as, firefighting,offshore survelliance, coast guard, including flight services for both aircraft and helicopters. Also included were aircraft operated by Environment Canada, and a few other departments.


Most of these jobs can and should be done by the private sector, including the Fisherie's helicopter contracts that were originally done by the private sector and then taken over "Coast Guard" to justify there helicopter program.








My province "Ontario".


The following should be privatized:


Ontario Hydro Helicopters

OPP Helicopters

MNR Helicopters and Water Bombers





Public Use or Contract out to Private Industry?

Lately, several arguments have been heard regards "Public Use" aircraft and operation of those aircraft by government agencies within the United States.


Private Operators take the position Government Agencies should not be allowed to take advantage of the US Government's Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) to obtain surplus aircraft and equipment at taxpayer expense, then modify those aircraft (again at taxpayer expense), operate under the very lenient FAR's pertaining to "Public Use" aircraft and operations, then "compete" with the private sector to perform functions that could be contracted out or performed by the private sector.


The US Forest Service contracts out a tremendous amount of work and has policies that require the agency to use the private industry whenever possible.


The State of Oregon, for instance, has state legislation (lobbied for by private ....meaning non-governmental....helicopter operators) that require the State Government to operate to the exact same standard as regular operators so that at least the maintenance and training standards are the same for both state "public use" aircraft and operations as for the private sector.


Question.....should governmental agencies be allowed to operate their own aviation units under the "Public Use" regulations, obtain aircraft by means of the FEPP and use taxpayer dollars to subsidize their operations and then compete with the private sector for operations, flights, aerial work, tasks, and such that could be contracted out or done wholly by the private sector? Is this competition and its detrimental effect upon private industry good for the national interest? Are these government operations and their negative effect upon the profitability of the private sector actually harming the amount of resources that could be available in time of natural disasters or terrorist events?




Allthough allot of what is said does not apply in Canada, the similarities are there.


Try and list any other jobs that governments are presently doing, that could be done by the private sector.



Cheers, Don

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Alberto: Studies have been done and anything done by a government entity has always proven more costly than the same operation done by the private sector under a competitive basis, except of course the IMP's who under bid to get a contract and then complain.


DND who write up the specs and PWGSC who do the contracting are well known to these companies and you would be surprised what they can get away with, which in turn of course costs the tax payer more money.


If you did a study on military contracts you would be amazed at how many old boys from the club work for people doing military work.


In the original contract for the navy EH-101 a General from NDHQ who was responsible for writing the specs on the internal equipment (electronic) quit the military and went to work for one of the prime contractors who was bidding on and expected to win the contract.


As far as I know there does not seem to be any conflict of interest guidlines for certain departments.


Chief pilot for RCMP shopping for a/c, retires and goes to work for company selling the actual aircraft that the RCMP bought???????


And the list goes on on on on on.


Cheers, Don


PS: If you care to go back in the posts, I told you who was going to win the present helicopter contract about a year ago

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I know it always costs more to do anything by committee, but if they got a half-reasonable guy in to run it, and did it properly, then I have no problem with them saving the public dollar.


Where I get out of my tree is when they take advantage of their subsidised position to undercut other operators, and do it illegally, like the MNR do in NS. At least the Coastguard went to the trouble to get an AOC



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AR; The coast guard owns the helicopters and they are operated by flight services and have been in operation since the dark ages.


As there was originally a requirement for the government to get into operating aircraft as the civilian capacity was not there.


In this day and age, that is not the case. Most work can be contracted out at a lesser cost to the taxpayer and probably have better results as the contractor has a vested interest in providing service. Ever try and fire a civil servant??????


Have you ever wondered why the military contracts out the Cormoront maintenance? Better mainttenance at a lesser cost.


Who does most of the work on the Herc's?


And oooooonnnnnnnn.


Cheers, Don

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Phil: Last post, I do not disagree with the government (s) doing any a/c work if it cannot be done by the private sector at a cheaper rate.


This costing factor is never taken into account. Remember the method used by the PM to purchase a new Challenger.


All the Team Canada trips went automatically to one Air Line, contracted by the PMO and then they charged a fee to all participants and I don't know to this day were the money went.


Besides all that BS, they broke every Transportation regulation as they did not have a brokers license.


As you are also well aware the PMO do exactly what they want, they will consult Treasury Board, but they also appoint the president of the TB.


Get the picture????



Cheers, Don

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In a perfect world, it would be great that the private sector got a bigger bite out of maintenace, operational side of Governmental tasks. The difficulties arise when the good old admin factor is worked into the equation. Sure the private sector can do a more cost effective job, lower overhead and not the huge requirement to follow lengthy politically correct admistration process. and definately the tax dolloar goes further. Good business!


What about political patronage, private companies have always paid off thier friends for support work no matter the size an scope. I think the probelm is that there will never be a complete outsourcing to the private sector here in Canada due that we have a socialist style government that wants to protect the civil service first and be able to count on the admin factor built into every service and job.


Under the former conservative government in ottawa there was more going out to private sector than there is today, that is not to say all , but more that under the liberal debacle we have now.


My two cents...

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