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How She Going Today

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How she goin today.


Stumbled across this forum, thought I would join up, and see whats it all about.


Doing a big career change, hopefully I will be flying the skies in the spring. Appose to running around the woods doing forestry stuff.


Decided to take an introductary flight a few months back, and got hooked.


Also realizing this carreer change is just as expensive as my current education and hoping to make this work.


I was wondering also is there any other aboriginals pilots, that have taken advantage our their dual citizenship to the states, and do they have any luck working the skies south of the border.


Another inquirey is, after you have done your training is it wise to seek out certain qualifications to benefit your flexability as a pilot, for example do you wait for an employer to pay for your turbine qualification or do you save up the money and pull the cash out of your own pocket.


Any info or tips on how to increase your chances of employment after recieving your license would be appreciatted.



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