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Definition Of Professional

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Yes you are correct, unfortunately the majority will not accept this clear definition, because it offends them. The behavior that one can expect, like the behavior directed at Bleedvalve is clear proof. Often those with a more cranial approach are shunned, mainly because they are interpreted as a threat. Large and small companies are not looking for those who have ideas, they are looking for those that follow. Point out a discrepancy or an inadequacy and watch your job , go bye,bye. Not because you are wrong, but because you've offended sombody who is driven by ego instead of reason.


There is a false assumption that because you are an intellect, you are devoid of common sense, like the example of one poster saying the Phd. types walk into TR's. The reason for this is because they are focused, or is it because they are not smart enough to figure out it's dangerous? The reasoning is flawed with no substance. So I say Phus , just let them believe what they like, sometimes it better not to try to teach person the error of thier ways.


After all, the world needs ditch diggers too...

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Sisyphus --------"professionsal": a person who lives on the money he earns by practicing a particular skill or sport....."professionsalism"......the behaviour, skill or qualities shown by a professional person.


The Law Library.......that's just the opinion of one site on the internet. You can also find sites professing that there is nothing wrong with pediphilia by some very learned people; the Holocaust never happened and that man never really landed on the moon.


The US Dept of Labor------those are guidelines for accepting immigrants into the US. It can be taken out of context.


The State of Arizona ------- that has to do with the world of academia solely and their job classifications which doesn't not include pilots. There's a lot of others that aren't mentioned either like teachers. Tell my wife she isn't a "professional" and she would attempt to rip your face off after a hard day with "crazy people".


By the definitions of those above, Gordie Howe wasn't a "professional" hockey player and I'm not a "professsional". We might both have worked for some "amateur" wages that we aren't particulary proud of.......but you bet we are both "professionals".


"Professionalism"......well most got it and on accasion some don't show it.........Mike Tyson and Todd Bertuzzi could be considered candidates. I've seen a few "brain cramps" with the flying fraternity also, haven't you? :D

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Yeah Duffies back!

All arguments aside, I would like to remind everybody..


It's a 'profession' In doing so, by definition, you are a 'professional'

If thats not enough to give you a sh*t-eating grin then I don't know what is...

How often are you looking at the clock in anticipation for your next 15 minute break?!?! Seldom, if never!

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Guest bag swinnger

Duf I did not think for a minute that you would drift to far from here and am glad.


It is interesting that as I go through my career I meet pilots that are at different stages in their career. I have met some that are very happy working for free as a low time pilot. I have met some mid time pilots that could careless if they ever flew again. As well one or two high timers that should not even be allowed to fly!


As for myself, getting going in this business, not an easy feat but I was prepared to, and did give up life as I knew it, lots of hardship whiney type stuff that I will leave to some one else on here.


As far as being labeled as a professional. I could care less, cause as you guessed it, when I have the long line on and am in that zone, grinning like cheech & chong. I would probably pay for the privilege, but don’t tell anyone. There are definitely moments in amongst the politics and crap of the business when I just cant stop smiling, and I do keep looking at my watch but it is to see how much duty day or day light is left. Sometimes I just don’t want the day to quit. It is this momentary feeling of accomplishment/challenge/adrenalin that makes this occupation the best one that I am aware of. Certainly more satisfying in my eyes than most other occupations, ”as it is just my opinion” that most non-flying personnel just would not understand.


If I can get through the tour without pissing off the engineer, customer, myself or anyone else then I feel that there is professionalism in that. :)


Just living the dream!

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So well said, Bag-swinger! I may be an engineer, but what you put into words goes ditto for me!


I love the job, and also love the 'life-style". I would be hating doing anything else. I just did 4 days in a tent-camp rolling 300 drums, and it killed me, but the flight to and from, made it all worth while! BTW, I'm 41...and been doing this way too long for this to be a novelty.. thanks for putting this into perspective.

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