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Duf Is Hanging Up The Jersey


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Thank you to everyone who replied to my earlier posts and for the PM's!!! I cannot express of my gratitude towards you, who have offered words of encouragement in light of all the BS flying here. (i'm no angel :rolleyes: )


I'd rather not take part anymore, and maybe in good time, the personalities will talk to themselves only.


I'll probably continue to PM some of you with questions before I start training!!!

Take Care all!

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Hey duf!!! Don't do it man!


Hang in there...keep "networking" and figuring out what you want to do... just avoid the arguing especially if it doesn't mean anything to you... This site is a great place to meet people who can help you later...



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Hang in there duf :up:


The majority of the guys and gals on here are a great help to

lowtimers and no-timers who can't sleep at night thinking about



This whole buisiness is about attitude and this forum requires no

reading between the lines to see who's got the right one or wrong one.


:P duck...... incoming :shock:

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As everyone has said... Hang in there!


Pedal Jam,

I can't quite tell from your avatar, but would you be the 214 flying around Golden?

If so, we've had a few phone calls about you. :P I guess some people just don't like the sound of music in the morning, the music only a 214 flying on a cool crisp morning can make. :D



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