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If I remember correctly, the last time I had surgery where I was "put under", I was required to have a driver pick me up and take me home, no driving for at least 24 hours. I suspect it will be the same for you and flying ;) You may have to be P2 for a couple of days :D


Just a poor attempt at humor...hope all goes well!!

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I am having surgery that will require a full anesthetic. Can I expect a negative reaction from Transport?


I had my right hip replace a couple of years ago. After 3 months of recovery I went in for my medical and informed my ME of the surgery. He wanted the following.


1. Complete surgical reports and xrays.


2. follow up reports from the surgeon.


It wasn't a big deal but my understanding from the doctor is that you are grounded after surgery requiring a General until you are signed off by your ME.

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Years ago I went under for knee surgery, before I had any hours for it to matter. But like a good kid I asked the same question. The answer (From a Transport Doctor)was that by the time I could walk again it wouldn't matter. In his words, he was more concerned with my ability to run the pedals in a hydraulic failure....but again it wouldn't matter if I could walk to the machine. Not to often you see common sense like that! Nothing was noted in my record...that is untill I got pneumonia LOL!!! That time TC came knocking on my door for a follow-up!


I don't think you have any worries like 56 says. I believe his wife is a doctor.


Quick Recovery and get back in the Saddle


Fly Safe



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