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Organization For IFR Drivers Only?

Should IFR drivers organize?  

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Mr. Bleed Valve,


I'm afraid this is 2004 not 1965. Very few pilots are going to be trained at a company’s expense for an IFR position. I know some old boys who got that treatment but no one in my age bracket that I know has.


It appears that you are implying that the VFR drivers who are crossing over these days have little experience. I haven't seen evidence of that unless multi 1000 hour bush pilots are inexperienced in your opinion. I wouldn't consider people with those qualifications a crap shoot and unproven.


Based on your posts and treatment of others on this web site I wouldn't recommend the IFR world to you. CRM is a very important skill which you don't seem to have grasped.


Good day.

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Bleedvalve -------- how many emergencies you had flying fixed wing or rotary VFR doesn't apply here sir. Emergencies IFR and emergencies VFR cannot compare. Nobody is going to make you a Captain just because you have just attained your IFR rating. All the endorsement does is give you a license to "learn" all over again. touch switches, etc when told to and assist the Captain when he so asks. The, if you are any good at all of that, you may be promoted to Captain. There are no guarantees of this ever happening nor are they implied because there are some "career 2nd Officers" in the aviation world and that's as far as they will ever go.


Lots of Dads can't afford to help their off-spring get IFR ratings and they don't come easy these days. Everything in aviation is expensive and the simple act of obtaining a Private License now exceeds what my generation had to pay by about $3750 on average.......$2000 maximum got you an IFR rating. That was kinda hard also then, when Dads were netting $50/wk.


I've been blown out of the sky once and have had 5 other engine failures during my career in aviation and that has no more to do with what kind of IFR pilot I made than the size of my wife's brassiere........it was just my bad luck period.

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Bleedvalve ------ I've now given up. I will converse with you no more. I will however, leave you with something to think about......perhaps.


I have a neighbour and friend, two houses away, by the name of Bob Pearson. Now who in the **** is Bob Pearson? Bob Pearson made the news world-wide a number of years ago flying what became known as "The Gimli Glider".........the AC 767 that ran out of fuel if you remember. The story is well-known and I won't repeat it again here. He received awards from all kinds of world-wide aviation groups and air forces. At home AC villified him and his career was basically over as regards promotions. Before that event, he had a spotless career with a perfect personnel file. He has all kinds of reasons to be bitter, but has put it behind him and moved on into another career because he said, otherwise, it would destroy him and he wasn't giving AC that satisfaction.


Best of luck to you for the future.

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