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Western Operator In Trouble?!?


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Albert ------try $499/hr + fuel for a 3 year contract for 300hrs guaranteed per year.......no rate change either for hours in excess of that 300 per year. "High rates?".........when it comes to the Jetbox, I believe that expression is what is defined as an "oxymoron" with the accent on the "moron" part of the word :D .

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Thought I would dust this one off, C'mon T-Rex who is it. Let's see can't be Mustang owner has way to much Dinero, CHL heard there was a bit of a management shake-up but again Dobbin still owns 40% so lots of Moola, Venture, doors are already closed there... C'mon T-Rex be like Paul Harvey and give us the rest of the story!

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