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Pay In Canada


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I suppose they all have thier ups and downs,no pun intended.

Bleedvalve get a life for gods sake


I think every one on this site is sick and tired of your dribble.

Im quite happy where I am.

Mini. :up:

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The companies you mentioned are large scale operations that can offer you a variety of aircraft, jobs, and locations to gain experience. The pay will depend on your qualifications, call them and find out, don't rely on second-hand info.


Bleedvalve, for crap sakes don't forget to take your medication.

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All three operators are big & reputable enough to provide details of current wages etc for anyone interested. I am sure all three have their ups and downs, but all would be worth making enquiries to see if their operations fit with what you want to do.


And Bleedvalve, I am sure most everyone on this forum will agree with Mini's comments - why don't you and your pseudonyms go somewhere else and stop bothering everyone on this forum - take a hint

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