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Multi-ir And/or Instructor Rating ?


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Hi everybody !!!


What’s your opinion about this…


I’m currently training for my CPL. It will be completed by early december. I’ll have about 540 TT (480 as PIC - night/taildragger rated) and 130 more hours gliding. Until soon i was planing to get only my Multi and IFR ratings for the rest of my training. But I’m more and more thinking (and interested in !!!) about the Instructor Rating. Obviously everything will depend on my money left but what do you think is the best between those 2 possibilities :


- to get everything in once (Multi/IR, instructor rating)

- to get the instructor rating first (next winter-spring) and the multi/IR ratings in a few years (I’d say 2…)


What’s your point of view then ???


Thanks a lot ! Wish you good flights !



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termerair ------depends on where you're located. In Winnipeg for example, a lot go right into the multi/IFR and then walk on over to Perimeter Aviation and have a chance of gaining a seat there and the experience they need. Some other places don't have any such operator or chance of any such thing. A quick trip to operators around you might give you a better idea of what potential there is before you commit yourself. You obviously won't get any promises, but you can develop a "gut-feeling" for what your chances might be. Otherwise, your chances of anyone giving you their Light Twin with a new Multi and New IFR ratings are "0".

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I would be careful investing in an Instructor rating with out the Multi/IR.


That said, I persnally think that's a poor route to go, for all the reasons that have been hashed out here and other places forever.


With your time and some tailwheel experience, I would save your money and go pester the crap out of all the bush operators. You'll gain 100x more flight experience than sitting right seat either as an instructor, or co-jo, and you'll be able to afford food a lot sooner. Besides, down the road you're resume will look a lot better.


The $$$ involved in the multi/IFR/instructor thing is enough for you to live on for a couple of years - save it. You'll most likely not get a multi job in the next two years anyway, so you'd have to renew, again expensive.


Just my two cents. Good luck



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