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Looking for a good instructor near Winnipeg


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I''m thinking of doing my PPL somewhere close to Winnipeg. Does someone know of and can suggest a decent Flight Instructor in the area? From what I understand, a person should treat choosing a flight instructor similiar to buying a used car. As I would do when buying a used car, I''m doing research upfront, in order to make the selection process a little easier.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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i can tell you what school to go to. I''ve been to every school in the peg but the one by CYWG... Go to Wpg AViation, as they fly like you do when you work for a company... (i mean like Weather )Some schools out there, have very harsh min to fly solo. i mean they are dumb even if you have your license..


just my 2 cents



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My name is Mike Reeves, I''m a flight instructor from Flying Colors Pilot Training at the Winnipeg International Airport.


You should stop by the school (155 West Hangar Rd.) to come for a look around and see our facility and what we have to offer. We could even get you up for a Discovery Flight so you can get the chance to experience the Katana up close and personal.


If you have any questions at all don''t hesitate to email me (michaelr@flying-colors.org) or better yet give me a call at 925-9000.


Hope to hear from you soon!


Mike Reeves

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Checkout www.harvsair.com



Cost breakdown

The minimum cost for this course including the Student Permit would be :

33 hours dual in a Cessna 152 @ $117 per hour $3,861

12 hours solo in a Cessna 152 @ $80 per hour $960

Ground School Course and Pilot Kit $613

Flight and Written Exam Fees (Transport Canada) $305

TAX (GST) $402

Total $6,141 Average cost is around $6800

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Look for a instructor that is dedicated. Research places in Winnipeg, and talk to ALL there instructors. See who will take the time to sit with you and be honest with you and who knows what he/she is talking about!

Not some young bold instructor who needs the time and will tell you anything!!

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